How To Send Fake Live Snap Videos And Photos As A Snap

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Snapchat is a popular social media chat app that allows users to send photos and videos that self-destruct after viewing. However, it has been shown that photos and videos can be faked with high accuracy. You can send a fake live snap to your friends easily.

Snapchat has a number of features that make the app feel slightly more real and authentic than other apps. Snapchat users, however, often heavily edit images within the application before sending them. They often do this manually, or they use filters that are specific to the app.

Sometimes you realize that your friend is sending fake snaps. It happened to me many times, and I think the best way to know is to check the snaps carefully. There are many ways you can also do fake snaps and get the benefits. You can make prank snaps and make the fun out of it.

You can add fake snap photos and Videos using some trick. There are two tricks available. One is an old trick still working. And another one is a new trick. Old tricks don’t work for any video snap. The new trick work for both photos and videos. So let’s get into the tricks and ways to make a fake snap. We will also talk about live video fake snaps in this article.

Is it Possible To Fake A Live Snap?

Yes. It is possible. Snapchat always allows you to add previously recorded videos to your story. When you add previously recorded videos there will be a text appearing on the video ‘from camera roll’. making it obvious that the video wasn’t recorded in real-time. 

At some point, Snapchat added the Memories feature. This feature allows you to stitch together a series of photos taken with your phone camera and put it up on your story. It looks like it was taken in real-time. After that, Snapchat fixed that bug and make sure that photos hasn’t been taken in real-time. 

So how you can send fake live snaps and videos? Here 2 tested and working methods for that. We explain the method with a screenshot so that you can understand it well.

What Are The Benefits Of Sending Fake Live Snap?

There are many benefits to sending fake live snaps. One of the main benefits is that you can control what the other person sees. For example, if you are in a meeting and do not want the other person to know that you are busy, you can send them a fake live snap of you in a meeting. This will make them think that you are busy and they will not bother you.

Another benefit of sending fake live snaps is that you can avoid uncomfortable conversations. For example, if you do not want to talk to the other person, you can send them a fake live snap of you in a conversation. This will make them think that you are busy and they will not bother you.

There are also benefit of sending a fake live snap. If you are a CPA Marketer or affiliate marketer and marketing through Snapchat then you can use this trick to maximize your earning potential.

There are other reasons for sending a fake snap. You just want to prank your friend and have some fun.

Fake Live Snaps

Here I will add two methods to fake your snap. One is an old method and one is a new method. First, let’s check the old method. All method is only applicable for android only. You can try the first old method to IOS too. The second method won’t work on IOS.

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Fake Live Snap In 2023

All of our previous method to send fake live snap are working correctly. Please comment down below if any of the tricks not working so that we update our article according to your problem.

Send Fake Snap Photos (Old Method)

For this method open Snapchat Camera. Then open the gallery. Then select any picture from there. Then you will see a 3 dot menu in the upper right corner. Click on that 3 dot menu.

You will see some edit options. Click on the sizer icon. Then you will see on your screen something like outlining an object with your finger then releasing it to make a sticker. See the screenshot below.

Then move your finger around that image. Then a sticker will be created. See upper screenshot.

Then press back. And a popup will be shown. Click on discard change. Don’t save that sticker.

Now take any blank picture with a Snapchat camera icon. Then click on the icon above the sizer icon. See the screenshot below to make sure to click on the correct icon.

Take a Blank Pic

Then you will see some icons. Click on the sizer icon. And you will see the sticker you created earlier and discard the changes.

Click Sizer Icon

Now select that sticker and place it according to you. And you can send it to anyone you want.

Now, this method will work for photos but not for videos. So we will explain the method for videos below.


Here I will explain the new method for sending fake live videos and photo snaps. For this method to word, your android device version should be 5.0+. Also, you need to enable your developer option. To enable the developer option on your phone 

  • Go to your settings.
  • Then go to about device
  • Then click on build number 5-6 times.
  • Then a message will appear you are already a developer.

Then in the setting, >> Additional Setting you will find a new option developer mode. If that option appears you are good to go for the next trick.

Then download an app called OVF Editor. You can find this app on the play store.

OVF Editor Playstore

Once you have installed the app, open it. Then you will see an interface like this.

Click on the photo/Video button. On the next screen, you can select any image or video. First, let’s try to send an image as a live snap. For my example, I am selecting this image. You can select any image you want. You can also edit it before sending it.

Click on the green tick mark. Then you will see the Snapchat option. Select Snapchat and then select send option.

For sending video the process is the same. Close OVF Editor. And Open it again. Then Select any video. For my case, I am selecting this video. This is a ticktock video I am selecting as an example.

Click the Send to the button. And select where you want to send this video snap.

By using this method you can send live video snaps on Snapchat. Keep in mind that your video must be less than 30 sec. Otherwise, the video will not send. Share this method with your friend and prank them.


This is a simple guide on how to send fake live snap videos and photos as a snap. This method can be used to prank your friends on Snapchat. Keep in mind that your video must be less than 30 sec. Otherwise, the video will not send.

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