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FRP bypass has become increasingly popular in recent times. This method is used in emergencies like device data loss. With the help of the FRP Bypass APK File, you can access restricted apps after a factory reset. Typically, you won’t be able to access your device without entering a Google account.

I personally tested this when my phone accidentally got locked, and I forgot my password. Later, I researched and found a way to factory reset my phone. But I was stuck on setting up my device, so I tried FRP Bypass, and it is a lifesaver. I will share many hidden things and tricks I learned during this journey in this article.

Before you start, please try this only on your phone, and don’t do this on any phone that isn’t your phone or that you don’t own. I am not responsible if you use this FRP Bypass APK trick for any other purpose. I am just sharing my knowledge here. What you do with it is on your own.

What is FRP Bypass, or why do we need it?

FRP Bypass Apk All Devices

Why do we need an FRP bypass? Suppose you forget your device lock or factory reset your device. Now, you don’t want to enter your Google login details or forget your login details. Without regaining access to your device, you won’t be able to use your Google, Samsung, or any other accounts synced to the device. This can also prevent you from receiving verification codes needed to recover those accounts.

You currently have no access to any other device you can use to access your Google or other account, such as resetting your Google account. Sometimes, Google accounts need 2-step verifications, such as codes you can get after only you access your device. Creating a new Google account sometimes requires OTP.

You must unlock your device to bypass the FRP protection for many reasons. There are a few ways you can do it. I will try to explain it all.

FRP Bypass APK File Download

Below, I will share some APK files. You can use them and bypass the FRP with one click. Download the app with one click, then bypass the phone’s FRP.

One Click Open Apps

Just click any of the app names below, and it will open for you. It’s already installed on your device. If one doesn’t work, try another.

Open Galaxy Store
Open Google AppOpen Google Search App
Open Settings AppOpen Settings App
Open Set Lock Screen
Open Youtube
Samsung s9 Launcher AppSamsung s9 Launcher App
Open Dial PadOpen Dial Pad
Open GmailOpen Gmail
open google mapOpen Google Map
Open File ManagerOpen File Manager

One Click Download Bypass Apk

Alliance Shield Latest Apk

Notification Bar Latest Apk

Package Disabler Pro.Apk

Alliance Shield Latest Apk

Activity Launcher apk

Alliance Shield Latest Apk

Google Account Manager All Version

Alliance Shield Latest Apk

Google Account Manager Android 14.apk

Google Account Manager Android 13.apk

Google Account Manager Android 12.apk

Google Account Manager Android 10.apk

Google Account Manager Android 9.apk

Google Account Manager Android 8.1.apk

Google Account Manager Android 8.0.apk

Google Account Manager Android

Google Account Manager Android 6.apk

Google Account Manager Android 5.apk

Google Setting.apk

Development Setting.apk

Quick Shortcut Maker.apk

Sidebar Lite.apk

FRP Android 7.apk


FRP Bypass 2.0.apk

FRP Bypass All.apk

Test DPC 4.0.5.apk

Apex Launcher.apk

Test DPC.apk

Nova Launcher.apk


Menu Button.apk

ES File Explorar.apk

Download all File Explorer


File Commander Manager.apk

Phone Clone.apk

Huawei Phone Clone.apk

Factory Reset V1.3.apk

Calculator 1.0.apk

CROM Service 1.0.4.apk

Smart Switch Mobile.apk

Google Account Manager Android 6.apk

Hush SMS.apk

If any of the above apps is not working or outdated, let us know, and we will update them. All apps were collected from official sources and are safe to use. Are you looking for specific updated device solutions, such as Android 11,12,13 or 14 device FRP bypass?

Some brand devices come with specific requirements or methods to bypass FRP. We cover all device-specific methods to bypass the FRP. Follow the guide if you need specific device FRP bypass methods and apps.

Popular Brand Device FRP Bypass

Device BrandFRP Bypass Guide
Samsung[Samsung FRP bypass tutorial]
Google Pixel[Google Pixel FRP bypass tutorial]
Xiaomi[Xiaomi FRP bypass tutorial]
Realme[Realme FRP bypass tutorial]
Vivo[Vivo FRP bypass tutorial]
Oppo[Oppo FRP bypass tutorial]
OnePlus[OnePlus FRP bypass tutorial]
Techno[Techno FRP bypass tutorial]
Infinix[Infinix FRP bypass tutorial]
Motorwala[Motorwala FRP bypass tutorial]
Huawei[Huawei FRP bypass tutorial]
Asus[Asus FRP bypass tutorial]
Nokia[Nokia FRP bypass tutorial]
LG[LG FRP bypass tutorial]

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