SSC subject code List With SSC Subject List

SSC subject list and all subject codes at a glance. SSC science group, humanities group, commerce group subject list. And subject code of SSC science group, humanities group, a commerce group. Get the right one which you need all from the below. We care about providing the right information. Every student should know their all option for taking the right choice.

SSC subjects for all groups

After completing your SSC program, It’s time to start your HSC program. Now at this moment, students build their next future. When you start the journey for the SSC program and select the desired group. Hope you are starting one of the best school with the desired group. It’s time for the subject selection of this group. It is very important for all student subject selecting. Subject selection has a great role to make a great result. For this, you should know about your all options for your perfect selection. view SSC


Common Subjects List For both All groups

Hey, there don’t be guilty about me. I am just trying to introduce your primary subject. I am telling you is not any about this. Here I am going to provide the list of the common subjects with the subject code. The common subject list for all groups is given below. These subjects are the Common subject for the SSC students. All the best. Also, we are providing the subject code. At a glance at the common subject list with the subject code.

Subject NameSubject Code
Bangla 1st paper101
Bangla 2nd paper102
English 1st Paper107
English 1st Paper108
Information and Communication Technology154
Islam and Moral Education/ Hindu Religion and Moral Education/ Buddhist Religion and Moral Education/  Christian Religion and Moral Education 
i. Islam and Moral Education
ii. Hindu Religion and Moral Education
iii. Buddhist Religion and Moral Education
iv. Christian Religion and Moral Education

Compulsory Subjects List For Science Group

The compulsory subject list for the science group is given below. Take any three or four for a major subject. All the best. Also, we are providing the subject code. At a glance at the science group compulsory subject list with the subject code.

SubjectSubject Code

SSC Optional subject list for Science group

Here is the optional subject list for the SSC science group. From the optional subject, one can get any two subjects as optional subjects. I trying to remember you that the pure science group has the following subject(physics, Chemistry, Higher Math, Biology). But it is not mandatory for all. After the compulsory subject, one can get any two subjects from the optional subject. Take the decision in time the selection of the optional subject, From which subject you can make good results. Because you can be one step ahead of others for good results.

The Intelligence are those who take their decision smartly. I am just trying to help you to provide information. Let’s take a look at the optional subjects.

SubjectSubject Code
Biology 138
Higher Mathematics126
Home Science151
Agriculture Education134

SSC Subjects for Humanities Group

SSC humanities have major subjects list and subject code. All students have some strength zone. As so every student cares about SSC subjects for humanities group. Select your Subject according to your interest and strength. So why waiting to start your next journey with your dream subject.

Subjects For Humanity Group (Any Five Subjects)

From the compulsory subject list of humanities, the group takes any three or four subjects as a compulsory subject. Her you can also get all compulsory subject code and subject list. Take your loving and favorite subject as a major subject. One this is that the compulsory subject result helps you more in the higher education.

Subject NameSubject code
Bangladesh and global studies 150
Geography and Environment110
Home Science151
General Science127
Agriculture Education134

Optional Subjects For Humanity Group

Optional subject is here to help one student make a good result. As usual, all students want to take the easiest subject. Because the easiest subject help to make a good result. On the other hand, the compulsory subject should be your favorite subject. It may help you the next higher education. Hey, don’t be worry, I am not trying to tell you an optional subject is not like that. Yes, you can do your next label education one of your optional subjects. Here is the all optional subject list of the humanities group. And subject code of optional humanities group subjects

SSC Subjects for Commerce Group

SSC subjects for commerce group and subject code. The Commerce group is one of the demanded groups in the present group. All kind of business strategy depends on the business group.

For the Business group of the SSC subjects list and the subject code. Take any three as a major subject and one as an optional subject. Otherwise from the compulsory subject list take three subjects as compulsory subjects. And take one for the optional subject. Afterward, take a look compulsory subject list and commerce group subject code.

Subject NameSubject code
Accounting 146
Bangladesh and global studies 150
Geography and Environment110
Home Science151
General Science127
Agriculture Education134
Finance, Banking152

Optional Subjects For Business Studies Group

Optional subjects for the HSC business group and the subject code. In detail the optional subject list of business group students. The subjects below, it is the options you have. Below the optional subject, you have many options for choosing your favorite subject.

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