which of the following is a quantitative forecasting method?

QuestionsCategory: Generalwhich of the following is a quantitative forecasting method?
BPATC asked 1 month ago

Which of the following is a quantitative forecasting​ method?

A. jury of executive opinion

B. sales force composite

C. exponential smoothing

D. market survey

1 Answers
BPATC answered 1 month ago

The answer Is option "C’

Exponential smoothing is a quantitative forecasting method.


The term quantitative refers to a measurement of something based on its quantity rather than its quality.

A quantitative forecasting method is a technique that uses numerical analysis to attempt to make various predictions about the future.

Exponential smoothing is a technique that gives less weight to older data and more weight to newer data. The weight denotes its importance, so the older the data, the less important it is. Because it focuses on the quantitative aspect of the data, this is an example of a quantitative forecasting method.

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