NTRCA NGI Result Merit List Cycle 3 NTRCA NGI result merit list results from cycle three and the latest update available here. NTRCA Stands for Non Government Teachers Registration And Certificate Authority. In this article, I am going to talking about the NTRCA merit list of NGI Result 2021. You will get the latest waiting list and online application system of www ngi teletalk com bd. NTRCA Gono niyog biggopti 2021 for the whole country started from 08 Aug 2021 to 31 Aug 2021. NTRCA NGI Result

The NTRCA announce the latest result cycle 3. is the website where you get the NGI result 2021. Waiting list and payment deadline date. Candidates who applied can quickly get their results from the mentioned website. We will tell you how to get the result properly from the official website or teletalk.

Meritlist From 1 to 20

If you are searching for a merit list, then there are 20 merit lists available. The NGI authority published the merit list to their official website of and, particularly, You can get your list from there. If you don’t know how to get results to follow me. In the upcoming section, I will describe how. The Recruitment Replacement Result: 23-03-2021 is available also the updated information and free submission are available. The updated public circular information is open from 30 March 2021.

NTRCA Public Notice 2021 E-Application

This notice is for empty vocational posts interested in the following vacant positions to launch Vocational Courses in General Education Institutions (Secondary Schools / Dakhil Madrasas). As per the Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (CESIP) requirements under the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, the Ministry of Education E-Application is called. The following are the applications from registered candidates.

NTRCA Vocational Notice

The notice was published 05 Aug 2021. There is some important info for this notice. The applicant must be registered with NTRCA in the relevant subject and have an integrated merit list. In addition, according to the latest workforce structure issued by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the Department of Technical and Madrasa Education, there should be desirable educational qualifications.

The age of the applicant should be 35 years or less on 01 January 2021. The applicant has to pay a fee of 100 Taka for each application. Failure to submit the prescribed fee will result in the rejection of the application.

Important Dates

Application Start Date08 Aug 2021
Application Deadline31 Aug 2021
SMS Fee Start Date31 Aug 2021
SMS Fee End Date03 Sep 2021

After successfully applying online, all valid applicants will automatically receive an SMS from NTRCA via Teletalk for each position.

NTRCA 3rd Cycle Merit List Result

The NTRCA 3rd cycle merit list result notice was published on 15 July 2021. According to the news, the following information needs to know. Check the report below for the cycle three merit list.

For the information of all concerned, it is to be informed that according to the public notification mentioned in the source, NTRCA has published the results of the 3rd recruitment cycle for the appointment of teachers in entry-level MPO and non-MPO posts in private educational institutions. Outcome information is Available at and

NTRCA 3rd Cycle Merit List

How to Apply Online For E-Application

First, go to the official website Then click on the 3rd cycle and then the application form. You will be asked to input your roll number.

How to apply for E application
E application Input Your Roll Number

After entering your roll, you need to full-up all the information correctly. If you input information incorrectly, then the next step will not be visible. Here is an example of how to fillup the form.

Fill All Information Example

In the next step, you will see the application form. You need a passport size photo scanned. The image should be in jpg or png format. The size of the photo must be 300*300 pixels. Ask your shop where you are making a scanned copy of the image. If you are using photoshop, then resize the picture in a 300-pixel passport size image.

Main Form And Photo Size

Photo Sizing

The photo size is a maximum of 100 kb. So keep in that the mind length is more significant than 100kb will not be acceptable. Size the photo with some photo resizer app for android. Or some online tool comes with the feature you need. Or you can use photoshop to reduce the size if you know how to do that. The picture must be in jpg format.

Also, you need to signature a scanned jpg file. Take a clean white paper and signature in the paper. After that, scan the signature. Finally, crop the correct signature dimension and upload it. The signature must be in jpg format. The signature size is 300 pixels in width and 80 pixels in height. And the maximum size of the image is 100kb.

If you need help with a picture and signature, resize, then watch the video to clear your doubt.

Check the quota and MPO are correct or not. Check the screenshot below.

Some information will already be available like father’s name, Mother’s name, dob etc. You can’t change them. The rest of the information fillup correctly. Such as mobile number, NID card number, Gmail address, religion etc. Upload your passport size photo and scanned signature. Here is a demo filled form screenshot below.

Demo filluped form

After submitting the form, you will get the applicant copy. Here’s how it looks like.

Applicant copy

Download and print this page for later use. You can see instructions in the applicant form. You need to pay the fee for your application. You can pay the fee by teletalk mobile SMS.

How To Pay For The Application Fees

If you apply online, then you need to pay the fee within 72 hours. That means you will have three days to pay the fees. We recommend spending the payment as soon as the application is complete. So you don’t have to worry about it. You can only pay the fee prom teletalk prepaid mobile number. For this, you need a sufficient amount of balance in your account. If you paid the fees successfully, a return SMS would confirm your successful application.

To pay the fee, follow the instructions.

First, open your mobile SMS and write the following

NGI<space>APPLICATION ID & SEND TO 16222. You will receive a pin in the return SMS. Enter the pin in the second SMS below.

Example: NGI A10853068

In the 2nd SMS, write the following and send it to 16222

NGK<space>YES<space>PIN<space>11_DIGIT_CONTACT & SEND TO 16222

Example: NGK YES 123456 01712345678

In the return SMS, you will get the confirmation message. You will be charged 100TK for the application. SMS charges apply. So keep your balance 110 tk to fill the SMS charges.

NTRCA Police Security Verification

For primary selected person need a police verification. All govt job requires police verification. You need to fill up a form for the verification. Here is the process of how you fill-up the verification form. You need to go first to the official website of NTRCA, which is

You will get a form. You can also get the form from here. Download the form and fill it up correctly. And Submit the form for police verification. Here is the form.

Police Security V-ROll Form_page

You need to download the complete form pdf from the below button. Click on the download link. You will prompt to download the pdf. After download, scans the copy of the pdf and fill up the form. result 2021

After submitting the form, you need to download the admit card, which will be available on the website. You need to download the admit card in a pdf format. And complete the exam. And after completing the exam, you need to wait for the result. The result will be found on the official NTRCA website and also In Teletalk’s website.

Forst, Select the Cycle you want to know the result for. In my case, I am selecting cycle 3.

Cycle selection

After that, select the E-result public circular. And follow my instructions.

Cycle-3 MPO and Non-MPO result has been published. The result of Assistant Teacher (ICT) has been revised. You can check your result in 3 ways. E result for public view, E-result For institution view And E-result for Applicant view. Check the below screenshot.

E Result For Public View

Click on the E-result for the public view. In the next screen, select Institute of districts. Then select your division. After that, Select your district. You will get a list of results like below.

You can also search here.

E-result For Institute View

Click on the E-result for institute view. On the next screen, you will need a user id and password for your institution. Put them in place and click on the login button.

NTRCA Institute Login

E Result For Applicant View

This option may be helpful for you if you are an applicant. You need to fill in your Batch and Roll and click on the find button. On the next screen, you will get your result.

Applicant View

Final Word

I hope I cover everything needed to apply online and get the result correctly. If you need any further assistant, you can comment down below. Anything you need help with, we will provide a solution in this article.

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