How To Write A Letter To The Principal To Request Of Certificate

In this article, I am going to share How To Write A Letter To The Principal To Request Of Certificate. Every student needs to know the basic rules of these kinds of applications. It helps students to get their transfer certificates.

In most cases, we need to transfer due to our family transfer to a different place. So we need a transfer certificate. This helps us to change our school or college. It’s permission from the principal.

What is a transfer certificate?

A transfer certificate is a certificate issued to a student on his request by the in-charge of the institution ie. College or School when the student wants to leave that institution. … Conduct certificate is also called a character certificate.  This is permission granted from college or school principal. Im order to get transfer certificate students needs to apply to Write A Letter To The Principal To Request Of Transfer Certificate.


Why We need Transfer Certificate?

We need a transfer certificate for a different reason. The most common cause is family sift. Students’ families examine to a different place due to some reason, and they want to move their children also. So they need legal permission from college or school, and it’s called transfer certificate. Without transfer certificate student, other colleges can’t allow a student to admit.


How to Write A Letter To The Principal To Request Of Certificate

You need to follow some easy steps. These are primary step, and if you learn these steps, you can write any transfer certificate application.

First, Choose a white offset paper if you write and submit the application manually. If you are sending the form on email, then you can skip this step.

Second, make some space from the top and left and start writing from the top left corner.

Third, Write date then after date write “The Principal” or “The Headmaster.”

Subsequently, Your school or college name after that write your subject, ie. “Application For Transfer Certificate(TC)

After That, write Sir, and some standard line

I am a student of your school in class “x”. Recently I got admission in “x”. I need my transfer certificate for admission in “X”

You don’t have to write exactly like that. You have to write about your purpose. Describe clearly your reason for the transfer certificate.

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Here Are Some Example To The Principal To Request Of Certificate

Application For Admission In different College

The Principal
Govt. Ghanshyam Singh Gupt College, balod

Subject: Application for Transfer Certificate

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I student of B.S.C.(BIOTECH) First year of your college as I got admission to medical college. I need my Transfer Certificate for admission in medical college. Therefore, I request you to issue me a transfer certificate kindly


your obediently

Sambhav Kothari

Class- B.S.C. 1st Year (biotech)


Application for the family move different place


The principal
X college

Subject:  Application For Transfer Certificate


I am a student of class X in you school/college. Recently my father transfers to X. So my family need to transfer. I need my transfer certificate to get admitted there.

I therefore pray and hope that you would be kind enough and issue me a transfer certificate.

Yours most obedient


Class X Roll X



These are the rules To Write A Letter To The Principal To Request Of Certificate. I hope it will help you to write your own transfer certificate.

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