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Instagram Reels No Sound – 100% Fix Problem

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Have you ever been stuck in a situation where Instagram Reels No Sound without warning? Believe it or not, many users face this common Instagram error while scrolling through their feed. Since having no sound on Instagram will restrict you from enjoying videos on your Instagram feed. It is essential to fix the issue as soon as possible so that you can go back to watching your favorite creation on Instagram.

I already face an Instagram reel problem. When I try to play the reel, it’s playing but with no sound. I fixed the glitch and also gathered some solutions to the problem. Stick to the end of this article, and you will never face this problem again.

Reason For Instagram Reels With No Sound

First, let’s take a moment to understand what causes the video sound to stop working on Instagram. to be honest, this issue can arise from both hardware and software-related issues. For example, if your smartphone speaker has experienced water damage, it won’t play any sound.

Similarly, you won’t hear any sound if there is some technical issue with the Instagram app. A few additional reasons that may trigger the Instagram video no sound error include the video itself not having any sound at all. In many cases, people publish videos on Instagram with no sound. Also, the audio driver could be outdated or corrupted.

Some third-party extensions can cause issues if you’re running Instagram on a web browser. Let’s say several third-party extensions can cause the Instagram sound to stop working, and you may also have caches and cookies issues.

Reason For Instagram Music Mute.jpg
Reason For Instagram Music Mute.jpg

So, for example, on a desktop or laptop, you may need to clear the caches and cookies as they can also cause Instagram sounds not to work.

In most cases, the music you are trying to play may not be available in your country. And the music will also not play if that music is not available on the Instagram music library. That happens because Instagram will not allow any copyrighted music to be used on their reels without the consent of the original artist. So you can’t use any music without owning them.

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If you are allowed to use the music or the music is available on the Instagram music library. If you are still facing problems, check out the solutions below.

Instagram is adding music day by day and increasing its library. In Instagram version 51, you can now select a country. And you will be able to choose your song before capturing the reel. This feature is currently available only on IOS. For Android, this feature is coming soon.

After knowing why the Instagram video has no sound error, let’s discuss the possible solutions.

Instagram Reels No Sound Problem Solution

Suppose you are creating Instagram reels. And after creating reels the music is muted automatically, then follow the first solution. And if you are not making any reels and just browsing the reels and having problems, then follow the second solution.

Fix Problem For Own Reels

My Instagram Reels Has No Sound
My Instagram Reels Has No Sound

First of all, choose copyright-free music. You can find copyright-free music for Instagram on the Instagram audio library. Also, if you search on google, you will find many websites with cool copyright-free or reuse-allowed songs and music.

Here I will give you some copyright-free music and song website suggestions. You can use them without getting any trouble using music.

These are some popular copyright-free music websites. Use music from that site, and you will not face any problems.

Fix Problem For Other Random Reels

Different solutions work for different people. Because not every case is the same. So if one solution doesn’t work for you, move on to the next solution.

Check Audio Profile Of Your Phone

When you encounter the Instagram Reels No Sound issue, make sure to check your phone’s sound profile. If your phone’s media profile is off, sound may not play on Instagram or other social media apps.

Let’s try to change the sound settings on the media mode for android users. You want to go to Settings on your smartphone, scroll down and choose sounds and vibrations. You’ll see a few different sound profiles at the top of the screen. Go to the media slider and slide it to about the center and then go back to the Instagram app to see if the audio starts playing or not.

Open Android Setting

For iPhone users, open settings and click the sound and haptics option to find the ringer and alerts option. Then toggle off change with buttons. Now use the top volume button to increase the volume of the media on the iPhone. And then go back to your Instagram app and see if the audio starts playing or not.

IOS Setting
Sound And Heptics

Check Your Bluetooth Headphone Or Earbud

This might be simple, but we suggest you check your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds as there could be a possibility the sound might be transmitted to them rather than your phone. To fix this, just follow these easy steps. Go into settings and then tap Bluetooth. Then tap on the paired device to disconnect it. Hopefully, you’ll now have audio playing on Instagram. Through your iPhone rather than your headphones or earbuds.

Original Audio May Be Removed

Some Instagram reels are simply without background audio in the first place. This is an intentional decision since each content creator has the power to decide what type of sound they wish to have for their reel. Suppose you happen to stumble across a reel without any audio. In that case, it may just mean that the content creator decided not to have audio in the background.

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Also, check whether your video is muted or not. If not, scroll to another reel and return to the previous reel again to see if that fixes the problem.

Close And Open The App Again

If you do not get sound or video on your Instagram stories, you might have to close down the app and open it again. It may be that the app is currently running in the background, so it is not visible on your screen. You also need to remove the app from the recent apps section. Try again and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Restart Your Device

If the Instagram audio is still not working after you’ve tried these simple options. Rebooting the device may help like any other temporary technical issue. Even Instagram has no sound issue that can be fixed by restarting your smartphone. For android users, press and hold the power button until you see the power menu on the screen. Select restart from the list and let your device reboot automatically.

Restart Android Device
Restart Android Device

If you use an iPhone, hold down the power button for a few seconds. Now slide the power slider to turn it off. Wait a few seconds, and then turn the iPhone on.

Restart iPhone
Restart iPhone

Again once your phone has successfully restarted, open Instagram and see if the audio is working or not.

Update Instagram App

Several situations trigger the Instagram Reels No Sound issue. And one could be due to an outdated version of the app. it’s essential to keep the Instagram app up to date. This will help you avoid similar unexpected errors on Instagram. Go to the google play store if you have an android device and search for Instagram if there are any pending updates. You’ll see the update button next to the app. click this button to update the Instagram app.

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When you have an Apple device, simply head to the apple store and search for Instagram. You’ll see the update button next to the app if there are any pending updates.

After updating, if the problem is still not fixed, then follow the next possible solution.

Clearing App Cache From App Info

Apart from these tips clearing the cache would also help. When the Instagram Reels No Sound issue, generally, when you don’t clear the cache files regularly, they start to build on top of each other.

They can cause a burden on the phone’s memory. This can result in several technical faults, such as the Instagram sound not working or frequent app crashes. To avoid such situations, check regularly and clear pending cache data. Let me show you how you can do that.

Go to settings and click apps and scroll down and find Instagram. And then tap it to open to the advanced options. Tap on storage and click the clear cache button to clear all the unnecessary cache files on Instagram.

App Info Instagram
App Info Instagram

Then click on clear storage. Then a popup will appear. Click on delete app data. See the screenshot below.

After clearing the app data, you will need to log in again.

This will hopefully fix the Instagram Reels No Sound error. And you’ll be able to watch Instagram content without any interruptions. Please note that these steps only work on android devices.

When you’ve tried all of the previous solutions, and the Instagram video audio still isn’t working, there’s a huge possibility that the video you’re trying to watch is corrupted. If this is the case, you’ll have to use a dedicated video repair tool to repair the video.

Wondershare recovery is very reliable software with a very powerful function to repair corrupted videos. You can install the software on both mac and windows and start repairing corrupted videos straight away.

 As for iOS users, unfortunately, there is no way to clear cache in iPhones. You need to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again to do the trick.

You can check this quick video to understand how to solve these issues.

Music Not Available In Your Region

Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region

It could be because of your region if you’re having trouble finding all of your audio or music on Instagram. If you’re having trouble with your audio not playing, you might have to ensure that you’re in the right region.

For example, the audio might be available in India but not in Bangladesh. Or the audio might be available in the United States but not in the UK. If you’re having trouble finding the audio for your Instagram Reel, you might have to make sure that you’re in the right region before you find it.

Now you can always use VPN to bypass the Instagram region lock. You can also check out the top 5 paid VPNs that will protect your privacy 100%.

Suppose you don’t know how to fix Instagram Music Not Available In Your Region. In that case, you can also check out this article.


The Instagram Reels No Sound problem can occur for many reasons. Make sure you read this article and check all the possible issues and solutions. If this solves your problem then make sure to comment down below. And also, share this article with your friends and family.

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