HSC Result Board Challenge & Re-Scrutiny Application Process 2021

HSC Result Board Challenge & Re-Scrutiny Application Process 2021. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can check your result. For board challenge or re-scrutiny application timeline from 31 January to 6 February 2021. The alternative name of board challenge re-scrutiny. So, it’s known as the Re-scrutiny application program.

The HSC result was published on 30 January 2021 by Education Ministry, Dr. Dipu Moni. So, now you can apply for a Re-scrutiny of your HSC result between the application date. And you can get your HSC result from the official website of getting results and subject code

HSC Result Board result overview

HSC Result Board Challenge 2021 will be available from 31 January to 6 February. So if you want like that, you should try between this time. Because HSC results have a significant role for every student. HSC result is the stair of success for all students. So every student is serious about their own result. Suppose their HSC result did not become them according to desire. It may be hampering their future life. HSC result deals their future to settle in different good platforms. It is the gate of a goal for each student. This has an important role to be a Doctor, Engineer, Lower, etc. This year, the HSC or equivalent examination results 2021 in total 68.60% candidate have passed. The HSC recreation process is also known as the “register challenge process.”

Earlier, Education Ministry officials said that HSC and equivalent examinations were being determined by considering 25 percent of JSC and equivalent examinations and 75 percent of SSC and equivalent examinations.

Under the new rules, 398 candidates who got GPA-5 in JSC and SSC did not get GPA-5 in HSC. Most of them are science students.

HSC result system and summery

This time all the 11 lakh 45 thousand 329 candidates under the nine general education boards have passed. And 1 lakh 53 thousand 614 people got GPA-5; Which is more than 13 percent of the total candidates. Last year, 41,606 people got GPA-5; Which is 3.61 percent of the total candidates.

GPA-5 in HSC examination 1,23,620 in Science and Home, Humanities, 19,84 in Education and Music 10,330 in Business Education.

Alim Result summery

4,046 candidates got GPA-5 in the Alim examination of 2020 under the Madrasa Education Board, which is 4.56 percent of the total candidates. This time GPA-5 has almost doubled compared to 2019. Last year, 2,243 students got a GPA-5, which is 2.80 percent of the total candidates at that time.

In 2020, there were 6,302 candidates in Alim. As there is no test, all the candidates have passed. Of these, 48,247 are students, and 40,058 are female students. Out of the total candidates, 80,082 are in the general branch, 6,545 in science, and 975 in the Mujabbid branch.

HSC technical and vocational

In the HSC (BM), Diploma in Commerce, and HSC (Vocational) examinations of 2020 under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, 3.10 percent of the total candidates got the highest index of GPA-5.

HSC (BM), Diploma in Commerce, and HSC (Vocational) examinations were attended by 1 lakh 33 thousand 748 candidates from 1,740 institutions. Everyone has passed the evaluation process this time. 4,145 got GPA-5. Of these, 4,093 students got GPA-5 in HSC BM, 18 in Diploma in Commerce, and 38 in Vocational. In this test in 2019, 3 thousand 236 people got GPA-5.

HSC Result Board Challenge 2020

The HSC and equivalent examinations for 2020 were announced on Saturday. Due to coronavirus, HSC has been evaluated based on average results of JSC and SSC and equivalent examinations without examination. As a result, all 13 lakh 8 thousand 36 candidates have passed. Of these, 1 lakh 81 thousand 606 students got GPA-5, the highest index of results, 11.83 percent of the total candidates. In 2019, 48,026 students got GPA-5, which is 3.54 percent of the total candidates.

HSC Result Board Challenge

HSC board challenge process very easy. For completing this process, you need a prepaid tele-talk sim. Otherwise, you can take help from another tele-talk sim holder to complete this process.

HSC result board challenge or re-scrutiny : start from 31 January 2021

HSC result board challenge or re-scrutiny : end at 6 February 2021

Now we will tell you the whole process of re-scrutiny of your result. If you follow this process, I hope you can easily complete it.

Step by step guide for board challenge

  1. First, you need the subject code which subject you want to challenge.
  2. Recharge balance, each subject 125 tk or both subject(such as Bangla, English) 250 taka.
  3. send message to16222 “RSC <space> 1st Three Letters of Board Name <space> HSC Roll <space> Subject Code”.
  4. Wait for a replay message from teletalk with a PIN number.
  5. Again send message to16222 “RSC <space> YES <space> PIN <space> 01XXXXXXXXX (Your Contact Number)“.
Details Guideline of this process

If you do not understand this process, I will try to provide a detailed process. Suppose you have a great tele-talk sim. Don’t worry if you have no tele-talk sim you can get support who have teletalk sim. Ok, I hope you have this sim. First, you should recharge money. Now here is that how much money you should recharge. Listen, recharge for every single subject 150 takas, and both subjects need 250 takas. Now think about how many subjects you need o challenge. For example 5 single subject need = 5×125 taka. And the other example, 3, both parts of the subject need = 3×250 taka. One important please recharge with an additional 10 takas for message cost. Because each message cost 2.44 taka for this purpose, now it’s your turn to decide, let’s go to the next.

Now take your phone and go to the message option. I hope now this time have no student who doesn’t know this message option. Then select the new message option. Here type “RSC <space> 1st Three Letters of Board Name <space> HSC Roll <space> Subject Code“.

Example :RSC DHA 123456 101,107.

I mean first type [RSC] than [space] [Board name first three latters] [space] [HSC roll] than [space] than [subject code]. Now it’s time to send this message to the 16222 number. Now, wait for a replay message from teletalk because it contains an important PIN. This PIN very important to complete this process. Suppose you do not get this message to send this message again.

When you get the replay message with contain PIN number. Now again select the create new message option. And type RSC <space> YES <space> PIN <space> 01XXXXXXXXX (Your Contact Number)

Example : RSC YES 1232434 01711111111

Hello friend, you are complete this process of application. Now, wait for a reply from the board authority. Hope well wishes to you best.

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