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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On All Devices

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Have you deleted some messages accidentally? Or you deleted some messages and need them back for any reason. Deleting messages is easy and recovering them is not always easy. And also it’s not impossible. When there is a problem, there is a solution.

In this article, I will cover how you can recover deleted messages on Android and IOS devices. I will provide you with a complete solution on how you can retrieve the important messages that got deleted. Also, I will show you how you can control when you want to delete them permanently and recover them anytime with one click.

I faced this problem on my phone when accidentally delete a text. To get back the missing message I searched over the internet. I found working solutions. Some methods work, and some are paid plans. But you will find that most web solutions are useless and will waste your valuable time. I gather the best way for you. And I cover both Android and IOS devices because the process is similar. Let’s get started with the problem and solutions.

Why Do You Need To Recover Deleted Text Messages?

There are several situations when you need to recover deleted text. The message may be deleted by mistake. Sometimes when you delete your message by mistake or by intention. Another reason for recovering such messages is that there might be some important information in your messages such as bank detail or important contacts.

Sometimes, you want to format your device, but after formatting, you want to get your important messages back. There could be many situations you want to get your lost messages back, but first, you need to know on which device you can get your accidentally cleaned text messages back.

Recovering text messages without any app is easy when your device has a cloud backup. But in some cases, the cloud backup is missing from your device or not set up properly.

On Which Device You Can Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Back

The data on the device is stored on the device storage. And it worked almost the same way on most of the devices. If you are reading this article, you may accidentally delete your message on your phone. Well, the good news is you can recover such messages on any device. There are some Android benefits, but you can also recover them on IOS. In the first part of this article, I will discuss how you can recover them on Android and then cover the IOS part.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Android Phone

Recovering text messages is easy. If your messages got deleted recently and you want to retrieve them, you can recover them quickly. If your phone is connected to google data backup, you can recover them without any application. Otherwise, you will need some third-party application; it will need root access or a PC to retrieve your messages.

There is no sure way to recover deleted texts. However, there are some methods that may be able to retrieve messages from an Android device. These include using third-party data recovery software, looking for backups of text messages, or trying to restore the messages from a cloud service.

There are some popular apps like Dr phone, Easy data recovery is available for iPhone or android. Most of the time you can easily recover them using the phone’s default data backup system. In any case, if data backup failed but you need to retrieve the data or you have important messages on your android or ios device then you can try 3rd party application.

Recover SMS By Google Backup

Google Drive functionality is enabled on most devices by default. If you allow google drive to backup then, you can retrieve text messages anytime, even if your device gets formatted. First, you need to check whether your google data backup is enabled. You can access google drive backup by following the below steps.

You can back up your phone’s content, data, and settings to your Google Account. If you ever need to restore your information, you can do so on your original phone or another phone. That means you can retrieve the deleted messages from another phone. Also, you will be able to recover deleted phone calls and other data on your phone.

Please note that you cannot use backup when you set up a personal device with a work profile, for work only, or when you set up a company-owned device.

Additionally, restoring data varies by phone and version. You cannot restore a backup from a higher version onto a phone running a lower version. Don’t get confused the below steps will help you recover deleted text easily.

To check whether your auto backup is enabled or not, open your phone ‘Settings.’ Then go to Google >>Backup. See the screenshots below.

Check backup Enable

You can follow this step if your backup is enabled; otherwise, forward to the next step.

Now when you log in to a new device on a newly logged-in device, you will get an option to add an email address. Add your backed-up email address, which will automatically sync your previous messages. And This way, you will never lose your message even if you reset your device.

Many users configure their smartphones to automatically backup data every day and store it in google drive. If you are one of them, you can quickly use this google drive to retrieve text on your device. However, only proceed with this method if you are 100 sure that Google backed up your messages.

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Here is how to restore text messages via google drive. Launch the google drive app on your smartphone and click the menu button. In the top left corner, tap backups and select your device under this device tab. Here check for the SMS entry and ensure that It took the last backup before you delete the message from your smartphone. If the backup precedes the time of the deletion, you can use it to recover the messages.

Check Backup Google Drive

Next, you need to reset your phone to recover your text messages. So you want to go into settings, go into system updates, click on reset, and then click on reset phone. Now every phone will have a slightly different process for trying to reset the phone.

So head to the manufacturer’s website. But this is the process for this particular phone. Then you want to click on reset phone, and then that will erase and reset your entire phone.

You may follow these steps if you do not find the reset option. Open your phone settings, then search for reset. Then you will find an option for resetting. See the screenshot below. This should work on 99% of devices.

Once the phone has been reset, log back into your google account and restore from google drive backup. And you should see your messages appear.

Recover Using Third-Party Apps

In case you can’t find the erased messages in google backup. It would help if you recovered them by using third-party android data recovery software to recover the messages you want. There are many data recovery out there that can help you restore lost files even if you didn’t back them up.

Some of the popular data recovery apps are Dr.FonePhoneRescure, and FonePaw. Some of the apps will need root access to work. So you need to know how to root your device. Also, you can use a PC to recover without requiring root access. All popular recovery tools claim that they can retrieve deleted messages. Well, that’s not always 100% true. Always check for a money-back guarantee if your recovery of deleted data isn’t successful.

Rooting your phone will void your phone’s warranty. Proceed with caution.

But the advantage is that by using such backup recovery apps you can transfer deleted text messages from another device and Select messages you want to recover. Sometimes we change our phones or shift to different devices. Then transferring text messages from another phone is required in order to get old phone chat access.

Restore Deleted Text Messages On Android Devices (Root)

Now, this is the advanced part. If you don’t want to use any third-party application or don’t want to pay them, then this method is for you. You need to know how to root your device. Then you will need to install Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your device. You can do sideloading apps, install custom ROMs, take screenshots in apps that forbid it, or access certain hidden features using ADB.

You can follow this article to install and run the command line.

On the rooted phone, active recovery mode. You need to pull the mmssms.db. On the adb command line, paste this command

adb pull /data/data/ mmssms-phone-A.db

This will pull the deleted SMS and MMS database of your device. And the database name will mmssms-phone-A.db. And using this file, you can get access to messages you want to retrieve.

How To Restore Deleted Text Messages On iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you might have tried to free up its storage by deleting messages iPhone. However, while trying to clear storage on your apple device, many people also clear important conversations. This guide will be for you if you are facing a similar situation. Today I’m going to share a few solutions to restore the deleted text messages on iPhone. So that you can get back all your old text messages on your iPhone easily.

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So how do you restore the messages were deleted on your iPhone? To get deleted messages back you can follow some easy methods on IOS. The method is discussed below in detail.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Using iCloud

The most common way to restore lost messages on an iPhone is to use iCloud backup. Almost every ios user configures their iPhone to take regular backups of their data. If you have erased important text messages, you can easily recover them from iCloud. The only downside is that this method will have you reset your entire iPhone, which can often become time-consuming and hectic. If you are willing to compromise on this, here’s a step-by-step process to recover erased messages on your iPhone using an iCloud.

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Firstly launch the settings app on your iPhone and tap the apple id at the top of the screen. Then click iCloud and tap the iCloud backup option. Here you’ll see the last backup that your iPhone created.

iCloud Backup Check

Only proceed further if the last backup time is before you delete your text message. At this point, you can move to reset the device. To do this, go to ‘settings‘ again, click ‘general‘, then click ‘reset‘, and then ‘Erase all content and settings.’

RESET Your IOS Device

Don’t panic you’ll be able to restore all your settings and data from the iCloud. Finally, confirm the action by choosing the ‘Erase now‘ option.

Once the reset completes, you must set up your device as usual. Then when you reach the app and data screen, you’ll be asked to restore the iCloud backup.

Restore From Icloud

Enter the same iCloud credentials you used previously, and let the device automatically restore all the data from that backup file. And that’s it. Now go to the messages app and see your lost messages listed here. So if you delete a text previously you can see them restored.

Using this method you can store messages on your computer. Later you can get the deleted message copy on your computer’s hard drive. Because messages are stored on your hard drive encrypted.

Recover Deleted Text Messages Using iTunes App

Another method to retrieve deleted text on an iPhone is to use the iTunes app on your windows pc or mac. as long as it’s mac os Mojave or below, this is a feasible solution for people who usually sync their iPhone to their windows pc or mac. As long as I mentioned it’s mac Mojave or below via iTunes. In this case, you won’t have to reset the entire device to get back to the messages that were deleted.

Let’s quickly walk through the steps to get access to deleted text messages on an iPhone you want to restore deleted text messages using iTunes.

There is no surefire way to recover deleted files, but you can follow the below method to recover using a windows PC.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the iTunes application. Next, click the media tab, the small phone icon.

Itunes Media Tab

And choose summary from the left menu bar. Click the restore backup option to directly install the recent backup on your iPhone. Opt for the desired backup from the pop-up window and hit restore.

iTunes Restore backup
Click on restore backup

Once the text message recovery process completes, launch the messages app and check if you’ve got your important messages back.

This method will only work if you have taken a text message backup on your PC.

From Finder MacOS Or Higher

Suppose you are using mac os Catalina or Higher. In that case, you can directly restore the backup through the finder app. It’s probably the easiest method to recover messages on an iPhone, especially if you don’t want to go through the hassle of manually resetting the entire device to restore. If you delete a text message and forget to recover them for a while this method is useful. But remember to backed up your phone regularly.

To get the iCloud backup through the finder connect your iPhone to your MacBook and launches the finder application. Locate the iPhone under the locations tab and click on it. Now tap the manage backups option to check the most recent backup time.

Recover Using FInder On Mac

Suppose it took the last backup before you deleted your text messages. In that case, you’ll be able to recover them without any effort. To do this, go back to the previous window and click the Restore iPhone option. Wait a few minutes, and you’ll get all your messages instantly.

Contact The Phone Provider

In addition to the methods I spoke about, you can recover messages on your iPhone by contacting the phone provider. Getting your phone provider to retrieve lost text messages is another way. In case you cannot find the desired text messages in any Cloud backup options. 

While not every phone provider will let you have access to text messages. A few companies keep a copy of all the user’s data even when you delete it from your smartphone. So contact customer service and ask if they can help you get back your texts or not. Suppose you had no luck retrieve using any previous solutions. In that case, you’d need professional data recovery software to do the job.

Using Professional Recovery Software

Here we recommend using dr phone data recovery to recover the deleted texts. It’s a fully functional recovery tool that can help you easily recover messages on your iPhone. Apart from messages, DR Phone data recovery supports several other file formats. This means you can use it to recover different files such as images, videos, messages, contacts, and even more. Recover your deleted text messages will not always be successful. But it is worth trying if your chats are important.

So if everything fails to recover the text messages you want, you can also use a third-party recovery software such as dr phone data recovery.

Prevent Your Mobile Data From Being Lost 

There are many message recovery apps available on the internet. Most of them are free and do the job pretty well. These apps will back up your new messages and also save them to the cloud. The benefit of saving cloud is that anytime you reset your phone or delete a backed-up folder by mistake you can restore messages easily. You can restore text messages on your phone without root access.

If you have accidentally deleted your lovely text messages from your phone, don’t worry! It’s still possible to retrieve them. There are many tools available on the Internet which will be able to recover your messages.

Most data backup tools can take care of your messages, and call logs. voice records and so on.

Some Common FAQ

Are Deleted Texts Gone Forever?

That’s a good question. When you delete a text, it’s usually gone for good. However, there are some ways to retrieve deleted texts. For example, if you have a backup of your text messages, you may be able to restore them. Or, if you have a recovery app installed on your phone, you may be able to find the deleted texts.

Can Phone Companies Retrieve Deleted Text Messages?

It is possible for phone companies to retrieve deleted text messages, but it may be difficult or impossible depending on the phone company and the method used to delete the messages.

Can You Retrieve Permanently Deleted Text Messages?

Yes, you can retrieve permanently deleted messages. If you delete your messages recently and don’t take pictures or use your phone storage then you can recover the deleted messages using data recovery software. Also, if you have a backup then you can recover easily.

Can I Recover Deleted Messages on Android Without Root?

The root is optional when you have cloud backup. You can also use a PC to recover. But if you don’t have cloud backup and PC then the root is needed in order to recover deleted messages.

Final Words

Here I mentioned all the working solutions to recover your phone. And you can use any one of them to recover your phone. If you still have any problems related to your Android phone, you can comment below.

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