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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram 100% Working Guide

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Instagram pin comment is a feature that allows users to understand the importance of the Post. If you are looking for a solution on How to Pin a Comment on Instagram in 2022, then you are in the right place.

I am an Instagram marketer and have worked in this field for 5 Years. I also personally face this problem when I try to pin a comment on Instagram. So after digging, I found a quick solution for you. Also, there are different methods for mobile and PC to pin a comment on Instagram. I will cover both.

After reading this article, you can pin an Instagram comment. Also, you can change or delete pinned Instagram comments how Instagram pin comments could help you transform your business growth and improve sales.

To get the solution and bonus, let’s start our article.

What Is An Instagram Comment?  

What is an Instagram comment? The best way to explain it is if you are a business owner and have your page on Instagram, your followers can leave comments on your Post. If you want to read the comment, then click on the Post and scroll down for your comment. You can also get your pinned comment if you have any.

Instagram uses social media to display users’ posts, comments, and likes on their app. In this Post, we will tell you how Instagram helps people express themselves through social media by using Instagram features such as posting a photo/video and commenting on them.

What Is An Instagram Pin Comment?

Suppose you post a video on Instagram. And in the comment section, you want to interact with your user. Let’s say you want to ask a question to a user, or you want to give some vital information to your user about your video. A pining comment is handy in that kind of situation. 

When you pin any comments on Instagram, it keeps them at the top of your comments section so you can easily see and respond to them. You don’t have to search through all your comments – pinned comments make it easy for you to stay on top of the conversation.

Pinning a comment on Instagram was the most significant update on this year’s Instagram platform. It’s been applied to different social media platforms by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that pushpin will be one more feature added to their website or app.

Why are Instagram comments so important?

Instagram comments are critical because they allow users to interact with each other and share feedback about the posts they see. This enables Instagram to improve its platform and provide better content for its users.

There are a few things to remember when commenting on Instagram posts. First, make sure your comments are relevant to the Post itself. Don’t just say anything that comes to mind—make sure your comments are thoughtful and constructive.

Unfortunately, comments can also be a source of toxicity on Instagram. This is especially true for posts about politics, religion, and other sensitive topics. Many users leave negative comments instead of providing constructive feedback, which can negatively impact the overall quality of the comment section.

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How to Pin a comment on Instagram?

Do you want to pin your own comment on Instagram? You can use the Instagram app to do this job. I will discuss different ways to pin comments on Instagram. You can pin or unpin using the mobile application. First, let’s learn how you can pin comments using an android or IOS mobile application. We will also cover if you don’t know how to comment on Instagram posts.

How To Pin Instagram Comment On Mobile Device

Suppose you have Instagram, and you posted something on your Instagram. In that case, you’re getting a lot of comments on that particular Post. So you decided that you want the best comment pinned. This is just how to do that. Now let’s dive in. For This tutorial demonstration, I will create a regular Instagram post.

First, open your Instagram mobile application. Click on the top right corner plus icon to create a new post. Then create a new post. I am just using this subway surfer character as a recent Instagram post.

Upper Corner Plus Icon
Upper right corner
Create New Instagram post
Create New Instagram Post

After creating a post, let’s refresh your page once. I am going to comment from my other device Instagram. To check your Instagram comment check the screenshot below. Click on that comment icon to open your Instagram comment.

Instagram Comment
Instagram Comment Open

You can see different users’ comments when you open your comment section. In my Post, I only have a few words. You can pin your own comment. I am going to pin my other comment. To pin a comment, hold on to that comment on your mobile phone, and you will see a pin icon like the screenshot below. You will need to swipe left on IOS Device to get the pin comment option.

How To Pin Instagram Comment
How To Pin Instagram Comment
Pin a comment
Pin a comment

Here you can see a pin option. Click on that pin option, and you can pin your Instagram comment. After pinning the comment, it will look like this screenshot below. You can comment on anything and pin that comment.

Instagram Pinned COmment
Instagram Pinned Comment

How To Pin Instagram Comment On PC

Pinning comments on Instagram PC are almost the same. Open your Instagram on your PC Laptop or Desktop. After opening, go to your Instagram profile. Then in the top right corner, you will see a plus icon.

Click on that plus icon to create a new Instagram post. If you already know, then skip this part. Now on the next screen, you will see create a new post. And a button to open pictures or images from your computer. Click on that button.

Create A New Post Instagram
Create A New Post on Instagram

I am selecting a flower image. After selecting an image, you will see an option to filter. Choose your filter or click on the next button.

Choose Filter Instagram
Choose Filter Instagram

Then write a caption and post it. After sharing a post, you will find it on your all Instagram post list. Click on that Post and click on comment to view the comment. I am just posting a new comment. And later, I am going to pin it.

And you will see a pin option. If you don’t see a pin option, use the mobile device to pin a comment.

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Instagram top of the comments feature allows users to comment on any posts. This is an excellent way of following up with the people who have left comments about your posts. Once you pinned the comment, it will still appear in your feed and remain at the topmost in the list of comments for all those who follow you on this social network platform.

Pin A Comment On Instagram Live

Besides pinning something on a single post, you can also pin anything on Instagram live videos. First, open your Instagram Live. Then you will be able to see your viewer’s comment. You can also comment there. But you want to pin a comment. Select any comment you want to pin and Hold it. Then you will see a pin comment option. See the screenshot below.

Pin Comment Instagram live
Pin Comment Instagram live.

That’s how you can pin your Instagram comment on your live video.

A great way to engage with your followers. Besides sharing interesting content, you can pin your comment (or that of your followers) on Instagram stories so they will know what’s going on and might feel included.

If you want to comment positively on a comment or testimonial, then pin the comment. When other users see your pinned comments, they can also leave positive comments, which will be helpful and motivating for them to do so.

Pin Comment Giveaway to Get engaged with your Users

Instagram has come a long way since the days of sending an email to your friends. Even though it’s still young, Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms, with 100 million daily active users (DAU). If you want people to stick with your community on Instagram, Then a giveaway is a great option.

Improve Your Business Using Pin Commenting

On Instagram top of a post is a moderated section of comments in the poPostEvery poPosts given a comment thread, as well as a small number of top-of-the-thread (ToT) comments. The ToTs are meant to be positive and include anyone who has interacted with someone else’s post comment.

You can pin rewards, and after a certain period, you can also delete comments. Instagram users and creators both like the featured option. If your Instagram account is new, you need followers to engage with your users. Like other social media apps, there is no shortcut to getting followers. You can see some guides on our website.

Suppose you are getting a lot of comments. Lots of mean thousands of comments daily. Then it’s hard to choose the correct comment to pin. You can use advanced comment filtering to get the best comment to pin. Also, you can filter out offensive comments. Offensive comments could take a harmful effect on your comment section. It would be best if you filtered out offensive comments from your comment section.

Changing pinned comments is a great way to improve your audience experience. That’s how they know you are following up on their comments. New pinned comments are a great way to engage with your audience. Some excellent marketing tools also help you gain more followers for your Instagram. We are not talking about them in this article. You can google them or learn more about them on our website.

Always reply to the first comment. It will bring a positive vibe to your poPostnd create good relationships with your users. Instagram brings new features day by day. So if you face any issue, it will be fixed in the upcoming update. You will also get a notification when there is an update available.

How do you pin an Instagram comment?

To pin a comment on Instagram, follow these steps:
1. Open the comment you want to Pin.
2. Tap and hold on to the comment you want to pin.
3. Release your finger, click the little pushpin from the menu, and click the pin comment button below.

How many comments can I pin to the top of my Instagram post?

You can pin up to three comments on a post.

How can I pin posts on my Instagram profile?

To pin a comment on Instagram, follow these steps:
1. Open your Instagram profile and find the poPostou want to pin.
2. Tap one of your posts, then tap in the top right
3. Tap Pin to your profile.


Now you know how to pin Instagram comments. You can pin any comment, whether it’s your comment or a comment made by someone else. You can also pin comments on Instagram live videos. It’s your time to try and let me know in the comment section below. Did the tutorial help you?

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