NU Honours 2nd Year Form Fill up 2021 [Latest]

NU Honours 2nd year form fill up 2021 process started. If you are searching for a form fillup date and detailed information, you are in the correct place. I am discussing all detail about Hons 2nd year notice, how to apply, and cost-related things. Also, here I include updated notice to get the latest information.

This form fillup is eligible for students admitted to National University Hons 2nd year academic session 2018-19. Also, this form fillup is for hons second year retake students. If you fail 1,2, or 3 subjects in hons 2nd year final exam, you need to fill up your form for the special exam (retake). So keep updated on our latest form fillup notice and dates.

NU Honours 2nd Year form fill up 2021 Important Dates

The below table is for hons new second-year examinee. If you apply for hons 2nd year grade improvement or re-exam, follow the chart below.

Notice of Form Filling due to Covid-19. The revised date for submitting the revised form, data entry and confirmation, fee, and other documents is given in the following table. Form filling and the confirmation time will not be extended after the due date.

Honours 2nd Year Form fillup session 2019-20

Announce Date09 February 2021
Application Start Date13 February 2021
Application End Date03 March 2021
Printed Form Submission To the College03 March 2021
Money Submission to college04 March 2021
Detailed form submission Date07 March 2021
Nu 2nd Year Form Fillup 2021
Follow the formfillup date notice and detailed instructions. If you miss the form fillup then this may cause problem to you.

Who can fill up the NU Honours second Year Form?

NU Honours 2nd Year Form Fill up 2021 is available for 3 types of students. If you are a regular student or irregular or you wanted to improve your grade, and if you want to participate in re-examining (required if you fail multiple subjects but pass the 2nd year), you can apply for the form fill-up. Detailed notice etc., will be provided below.

Regular Students:

If you are admitted to hons second year, and you would like to participate in the hons second-year final exam, this form fillup notice is for you. Regular student form fillup session 2018-19. If your session doesn’t match with these sessions, then you may continue to the next part to know that you are eligible or not.

Irregular Students:

If you are not a regular student, you can also apply for this exam. Irregular means if your exam session is 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 then you can fillup the form.

Grade Improve:

If you passed the Hons 2nd year main exam, but you fail 1 or multiple subjects, you can apply for a particular exam. That means if you passed the exam in the 2017-18 academic year and got promoted, then you can fill up this form for grade improvement. You can find more information about Hons 2nd year special exam from here. You need to apply for form fillup for both cases if you want to participate special exam, and if you want to take a re-exam on the subject, you got less number or grade. Grade improvement is an essential thing. You can learn more about the grading system from the Hons grading system.

check out hons 2nd Year special Exam Routine

Honours 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice PDF Download

The latest from fillup notice will be published soon. Hons 2nd year form fillup notice has been published so the second year notice will be published very soon. Don’t miss notice keep visiting our site to get the latest updated notice.

Hons 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice JPG Download

NU Hons 2nd Year Form Fill up 2021

Honours 2nd Year 2021 Form Fillup Fees

Here I am sharing subject wise fees for NU Honours 2nd Year Form Fill up 2021. There are some requirements for grade improvement students.

Theoretical(Every Full Subject)250/-
Theoretical(Every Half Subject)200/-
In course exam Fees300/-
Centers Fees450/-
Center fees practical120/-
Fees for English300/-
Practical Exam Fees250/-
Improvement Fees(Every Subject)300/-

Some college may takes some extra fees for their incourse exam. Here one very important thing you can’t apply for this form fillup if you havn’t fillup your form in the deadline.

How to apply for the form fillup online?

You can apply for the form fill-up online. It would be best to have an active internet connection and need a device to browse the internet. Visit below website link button

After opening the site, input your roll registration, etc., and complete the steps. We wrote a detailed guide about filling up the national university form. Follow the detailed guide to fillup the form. Don’t forget to print the form after fillup.

Payment Method For Form Fill up

There are different payment methods available for the form fillup. You can pay in sure-cash or Sonali Seba online. Or the college can give you their selected bank slip with the account number included. You need to put every piece of information correctly and complete the form fillup process. After fill up, submit the documents to your college.

NU Hons Second Year Form Fillup Requirements

Regular Students:

  • Those students admitted hons second year and completed their course can apply for the exam form fillup.
  • Academic session 2018-19
  • Participating in the exam is mandatory for every student in the second year

Irregular Students:

  • If you pass the hons the second year but can’t attend the special exam for some reason, then you can apply for the form fillup.
  • Absent students can also eligible to fillup the form again

Grade improvement:

  • Those students who pass the second year exam with some subject C or D grade can apply for this form fillup for improvement.
  • Students need to fillup the form in time.

Required Documents

There is some documentation required before applying for the form fillup. You need to collect every required document to be easier for you to apply.

  • Passport Size Pictures: 2 copies
  • Printed Online Documents
  • Hons Second Year Result sheet. (If any)
  • Registration Photocopy 1 Piece
  • Mony Slip


Nu Hons form fill update is fixed. If you cannot fill-up the form in time, you will not get a chance to fill up the form again. Form fillup date will not be increased. National University authority can change the date etc., anytime if they want.

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