Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer

Class 9 8th Assignment Solution

Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer: There is a total of six subjects from all groups. (নবম শ্রেণীর অষ্টম সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান ). The DSHE Authority has published the Assignment question. The Class 9 assignment 8th-week question has been released by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education.

There are a total of 6 subject assignments available for class 9 students in the 8th week. 2 subjects are compulsory. And other subjects, not all of them you need to complete. Different groups like Science, Business And Humanities students will have to complete different subjects. The subjects are Bengali, Higher Mathematics, Agricultural Education, Home Science, Economics, and Arts and Crafts. Every group of students has to complete the assignment of the compulsory subject. We will discuss further this assignment of class 9 8th week solution in the upcoming section.

Class 9 Assignment

The government has taken several measures to ensure that all schoolchildren are protected from the corona epidemic. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all educational institutions in Bangladesh have been shuttered. The assignment program, on the other hand, has been implemented for all students in our country. Assignment Students in class six and students in other classes have been assigned to class six. Students in 8th grade must submit their Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer.

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Class 9 Assignment 2021

In the corona circumstance, there is no other option than to continue academics to improve students’ talents. As a result, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has given Class 9 Assignment 2021 to continue educational activities.

The teacher will judge the pupils’ merit through the class Six assignment 2021. They can also participate in Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer, collecting and answering class 9 assignment questions online. As a result, pupils must complete the Class 9 assignment 2021 8th week question. They must also provide the class 9 assignment solution 2021 promptly. As a result, students in Class Six should pay particular attention to the solutions to 8 class assignments 2021.

Assignment Notice For 8th Week

The eighth-week assignment for Class 9 students in all high schools around the country has been released. Here is the answer to the Assignment. However, due to the Corona pandemic, school-based educational activities have been suspended. There are concerns concerning this year’s class 9 examination under this situation.

The final evaluation may not take place if Corona’s condition does not improve. However, the teacher might use assignment activities to assess students in this instance. As a result, students must accurately complete all class 9 assignment 2021 8th week answers. Below are the answers to the 8th-week English assignment and the Charu O Karukola solution.


Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer

As a result, students in the sixth grade will download the Answer in PDF format from this page on our website. While attempting to complete their class 9 assignment 2021 8th week answer, many students may encounter difficulties. We have provided a Classn8 English Assignment 2021 Answer pdf download in consideration of them. Our professional staff is answering these 8 class assignment solutions 2021. In this 8th week of 2021, see the solution to the class 9 assignment answer.

Bangali and art and crafts are compulsory for every group of students of class 9. So keep in mind that you must have to complete those subjects. And other group subjects you also have to complete assignments.

Assignment Cover Ideas For Students

Class 9 8th Week Assignment Answer Bangla

We will give class 9 Bangla assignment answers in this section. We already solved the assignment answer and checked it, then giving it to you. Hopefully, this will help class 9 students to complete their class 9 assignment. Not this assignment is for helping purposes. After reading this assignment, prepare your assignment by yourself. Don’t exactly copy this assignment.


Class 9 9th Assignment Solution

Class 9 10th Assignment Solution

To answer the assignment, first read all the requirements by reading the question paper. This will help you to understand how to write your assignment. And also, ask your teacher if you don’t understand any part of the assignment.

Class 9 8th Assignment English

Bangla Assignment Answer 2021

Here is the answer to the Bangla assignment. You can see in the upper section the assignment task has been given. So let’s solve the tasks one by one. If you found any problem in the assignment solution, please comment below to solve the problem together.


This is the 3rd scheduled work for the ninth grade Bangla subject. That assignment has been determined from the poetry part. The name of the poem is Bangavumi, written by Abdul Hakim. In both Bangabani and Kopotaksh Nada poems, patriotism is expressed through love of mother tongue – present your argument in favor of the comment. That is to say. He has been asked to give his argument about the statement in question here.

 Instructions: Students will complete two assignments of Bangabani and Kopotaksh river poems from the textbook.

বঙ্গবাণী ও কপোতাক্ষ নদ উভয় কবিতাতেই মাতৃভাষা প্রীতির মাধ্যমে দেশপ্রেম প্রকাশ পেয়েছে” – মন্তব্যটির পক্ষে তোমার যৌক্তিক মত উপস্থাপন কর।

Class 9 8th Week Assignment Solution Bangla

Class 9 8th week Art And Crafts Assignment Answer 2021

Art And Craft Assignment Task

Here is the answer to the Art And Craft(Caru O Karu Kola) assignment. You can see in the upper section the assignment task has been given. So let’s solve the tasks one by one. If you found any problem in the assignment solution, please comment below to solve the problem together.


Arts and Crafts is a compulsory subject for the ninth-grade humanities and science departments. This is the second determining task for the ninth grade. Assignments on Arts and Crafts in the eighth week of the ninth grade are taken from the first chapter: Art. This chapter provides a basic idea about art.

So I hope that through the solution of the assignment, the ninth-grade students will acquire basic knowledge about art. If a student completes the project by following the instructions carefully, he has two good aspects. Two good ones are firstly he will get good marks. Secondly, he will be able to get an accurate and beautiful idea about art. So the assignment of arts and crafts subjects in the eighth week of ninth grade is essential. Follow us to solve ninth-grade eighth-week art.

Caru O Karu Kola Assignment Help

Assignment Content:

  • Art
  • Classification of art
  • The importance of practicing the art
  • An essential part of art: painting and crafts

Scheduled assignments for eighth-grade assignments in ninth grade:


The ninth-grade eight-week assignment task is straightforward. First, all the handicrafts in their respective houses have to be drawn with pencil. So all the handicrafts in their home have to be submitted by drawing with pencil.

Instructions: It can be any furniture or any everyday object for drawing. Also, you can draw any figure from the textbook. Finally, if you don’t like it, you can download it from the internet and mark it as you want.

Evaluation Rubix: There are three things to look for when evaluating an assignment. These are content accuracy, subject sorting skills, accurate drawing skills.

তোমার বাসায় যেসব কারুশিল্প রয়েছে পেন্সিলের মাধ্যমে সেগুলোর রেখা চিত্র অংকন কর।


Class 9 8th week Higher Math Assignment Answer 2021

Here is the answer to the Higher Math assignment. You can see in the upper section the assignment task has been given. So let’s solve the tasks one by one. If you found any problem in the assignment solution, please comment below to solve the problem together.

We will provide The second scheduled assignment of higher mathematics subject in the eighth week of the ninth-grade solution. The project is taken from the second chapter, and the chapter’s content is an algebraic sum.

A polynomial with one variable: Multiplication and division polynomial product analysis (participle theorem and product theorem). Symmetrical, symmetrical, and cyclic quantities (under three conductors). Mold fractions are expressed in partial fractions. The above topics are discussed in the eighth grade higher math assignment of ninth grade. Before completing the project, it is vital to gain accurate knowledge of the subject.

Class 9 Higher Math Assignment Help

Assigned assignments:


Find the two three-dimensional polynomials P (x) and Q (x), which have a joint product (x-2), a constant of 24, and other products are one-dimensional. Then, express the fraction formed by holding one of the polynomials over the other in partial fractions.


 One of the drivers discussed in the second chapter of the higher mathematics textbook will solve the problem with a comprehensive idea of ​​polynomial and partial fractions expression. You should note here that it is possible to determine more than two three-dimensional polynomials in this case. So conveniently express a fraction consisting of two three-dimensional polynomials in partial fractions.

এমন দুইটি ত্রিমাত্রিক বহুপদী P(x) ও Q(x) নির্ণয় করো যাদের একটি সাধারণ উৎপাদক(x-2), ধ্রুবপদ 24 এবং অন্য উৎপাদকগুলো একমাত্রিক।  বহুপদীর একটিকে অপরটির ধরে গঠিত ভগ্নাংশকে আংশিক ভগ্নাংশে প্রকাশ কর।

8th Week Higher Math Solution Class 9

Class 9 8th week Agriculture Assignment Answer 2021

Here is the answer to the Agriculture assignment. You can see in the upper section the assignment task has been given. So let’s solve the tasks one by one. If you found any problem in the assignment solution, please comment below to solve the problem together.

This is the second scheduled work on agricultural education in the eighth week of ninth grade. The ninth-grade agricultural education assignment is taken from the first chapter. Three chapters from the Agriculture chapter have been scheduled as part of the assignment. A total of eight topics have been selected. The following are the topics that have been planned for the eighth week of the ninth-grade agricultural education assignment.

Class 9 Agriculture Assignment Help

Assignment Content:

Agricultural Technology is the subject of the eighth-week eighth-grade agricultural education assignment. The assignment in question discusses how to increase agricultural production using technology. At present, the world has come a long way in using technology. The present world has also made great strides in agricultural production.


However, compared to the developed world, our country lags far behind in agricultural technology. Therefore, the main objective of the eighth-week assignment of ninth grade is to increase the use of technology in agricultural production in our country. If we can improve technology in agricultural production, we can produce more products in less time and at a lower cost. So the eighth-week assignment of ninth grade is beneficial in increasing the use of technology in agriculture.

Assignments of Agricultural Education Assignment:

Here two types of problems of two farmers are mentioned as the work of an assignment. The assignment says that A paddy farmer store rice seeds in jute sacks. That is why very few seeds germinate. What is the solution to this problem?

Today’s assignment is to solve the problem of that farming. He also owns a dairy farm that provides raw hay to his cows. All the farm ghats were destroyed due to the floods. As a result, the cows fall into a severe food crisis.

What kind of measures could have been taken in this situation if both the paddy farmers and the dairy farmers could have faced their problem. The task of the ninth-grade eighth-week agricultural education assignment is to prepare a report with opinions on the subject.



  • You should read the fourth and fifth chapters from the first chapter of the agricultural education book very well.
  • You should consult an experienced paddy farmer and an experienced dairy farmer.
  • If necessary, you should consult your parents.
  • Things will be easier if you discuss the subject with the subject teacher.
  • If detailed information is required, you can obtain various information about paddy cultivation and dairy farms by searching online.
  • You need to manually write the assignment.

একজন ধানচাষী চটের বস্তায় ধানের বীজ সংরক্ষণ করে । সে কারণে খুব কম সংখ্যক বীজ অঙ্কুরিত হয়। এই সমস্যা থেকে সমাধানের উপায় কি? উক্ত চাষের সমস্যার সমাধান বের করায় আজকের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট। এছাড়া ও একজন দুগ্ধ খামার এর মালিক তার গাভী গুলোকে কাঁচা ঘাস সরবরাহ করে থাকেন। বন্যার কারণে খামারির সমস্ত ঘাট গুলো নষ্ট হয়ে যায়। ফলে গাভীগুলো মারাত্মক খাদ্য সংকটে পড়ে । এ অবস্থায় কি ধরনের ব্যবস্থা গ্রহণ করলে ধানচাষী এবং দুগ্ধখামারী দুজনই তাদের সংকট মোকাবেলা করতে পারত?

Class 9 8th week Home Science Assignment Answer 2021

This is the second assignment for the science subject. For class 9 the assignment question makes from the 9th chapter. The authority has been given Chapter 9 of the eighth week of ninth-grade assignment instructions.

The title is the development of the child. The sixth chapter sheds light on a child’s growing emotional development. What kind of environment is required for a child’s physical and mental development is the subject of this chapter.


The home science assignment of the eighth week of ninth grade talks about the family and social environment in the child’s development. So the eighth week of ninth grade is essential in terms of home science. The assignment has five contents. These are the concepts of growth and development, the stage of development, development activities, heredity, and environment in the child’s development.

Home Science Assignment Help

Assigned assignments:

The task assigned to the assignment is to identify the stage of development of all the members currently in their respective families. And once identified, everyone’s features need to be explained. You also need to answer three questions. The questions are as follows:

  • The first question is, who is there as a family member?
  • Family members need to explain and express the characteristics by mentioning who is at what stage of development.
  • The third question is to treat them according to the stage. Here you can express your own opinion.

বর্তমানে তােমার পরিবারে যে সকল সদস্য রয়েছেন তারা বিকাশের কে কোন পর্যায়ে অবস্থান করছেন তা শনাক্ত কর এবং তাদের বৈশিষ্ট্যগুলাে বর্ণনা কর। (নিচের প্রশ্নগুলাের ব্যাখ্যা কর।)


Class 9 8th Week Economics Assignment Solution

Economics is a subject of the humanities department. This is the second assignment of Economics for the ninth grade. The first chapter of economics in this assignment is described.

One of the topics covered in the eighth-week economics assignment is the Origin and development of the economy, two fundamental economic problems: scarcity and infinite scarcity, the concept of economy, ten principles of economy, rectangular flow, different types of economic conditions.

We give all the ideas on how to complete this assignment. Hopefully, if we can solve it very well, it will be possible to acquire all this good knowledge of economics. So those who have not yet solved the ninth-grade eighth-week economics subject assignment, please follow us.

Class 9 Economics Assignment Help

Assignment work:


The main task of the eighth-week assignment of ninth grade is to write an essay of 300 words. Here are some guidelines for writing articles: What will we produce? What technology will I use in production? Who does the product apply to? The answer to all these questions is the economic system of a country. As the eighth member of the ninth grade, one has to write an essay of 300 words on the subject. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.


You can take various assignments with the help of a textbook internet teacher for assigning economics subjects for the eighth week of ninth grade.

আমরা কি উৎপাদন করব ? উৎপাদনে কি প্রযুক্তি ব্যবহার করব? উৎপাদিত পণ্য কাদের জন্য প্রযোজ্য? এ সকল প্রশ্নের উত্তর নিয়ে তৈরি হয় এক একটি দেশের অর্থনৈতিক ব্যবস্থা।  নবম শ্রেণির অষ্টম সদস্য হিসেবে উক্ত বিষয়ে 300 শব্দের মধ্যে একটি প্রবন্ধ লিখতে হবে। 


Here is the answer to the Class 9 assignment 8th week. I hope my Class 9 8th week all 6 subjects Assignment answer. You must finish this assignment answer in the time allotted. Comment here if you have any questions about the Assignment class 9 Answer 2021. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.