4 Ways to Check GP Robi Airtel Banglalink Teletalk Number

If you want to check your mobile number, then this article will help you. I will provide here all operator number check methods. You can check any operator GP Robi Airtel Banglalink Teletalk number. The reason for checking the number is different. Sometimes we forget our mobile number. In another case, we need someone else phone number. Sometimes we forget which sim inserted in our phone. This article will help you to get those problem solutions.

There are multiple ways to check mobile numbers these days. In Bangladesh, there are five mobile operators right now. Grameenphone, Airtel, Robi, Banglalink and Teletalk. All operator has a unique USSD to check the phone number. You can dial the USSD code to know the mobile number. Here I will provide four easy ways to check mobile numbers.

#1 Checking Mobile Number By USSD

This is the easiest and effective method to check your mobile number. But this method requires different USSD numbers for other operators. For example, you need different USSD codes to check your mobile phone balance with different operators. That means five operators have 5 USSD codes to check the balance of the sim. If you don’t want to remember or save the USSD, you can check the other method to check the mobile number for any operator.

GP Number Check

GP Number Check

The Grameen phone is known as GP in Bangladesh. If you are a GP user and want to check the GP number, then follow the USSD code. I will provide two codes. Both are working to check the number.

USSD Code: *2#

USSD Code: *111*8#

Robi Number Check

Robi Number Check

Robi is the second-largest operator in Bangladesh. Users can check the Robi number from the following USSD code. Dial the code correctly to check the Robi number. This code is only working for the Robi operator. If you are trying it on other operators like airtel, this won’t work for you.

USSD Code: *140*2*4#

Airtel Number Check

Airtel Number Check

Airtel is a new company in Bangladesh. This is a top-rated operator right now for its cheap internet offers. Airtel also provides a reasonable Talktime offer. To check your airtel mobile number, you need to dial the following USSD code.

Dial *121*7*3#

Banglalink Number Check

Banglalink has also known as BL. This is the short form for Banglalink. This is one of the popular mobile operators right now. If you are a Banglalink user and want to check the balance, follow the USSD code below. After dialling the code, you can check your balance.

Dial *511#

Teletalk Number Check

Teletalk Number Check

Teletalk is a government own sim company. This operator is widely used for various purposes. Such as different kinds of job payments or education payments know results and many more. Follow the code below to check your teletalk mobile operator balance.


#2 Check Mobile Number By Misscall

This is the second most straightforward method for checking any operator mobile number. You don’t need to know the USSD code here. For this method, you need a tiny amount in your balance. 1tk balance will be ok for it. This won’t charge your balance. You need to type any mobile number you know, like your second mobile phone number. Or your home number. Your father, mother or sister number. You can miss calling any number you want. And then check the number on the second phone. This method will be working for any operator.

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#3 Check Mobile Number By SMS

Now, this method is not recommended because this method will charge you a small amount. Like the miss call method. You need to send an SMS to your nearest phone number. Or your second phone number. In SMS, you can write anything or just a dot. Would you mind sending it to your second number, which you remember? And you can check the number in the received SMS.

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#4 Check Mobile Number By Android Application

All operator has comes with a different application. Like Grameenphone has MY GP and Flexi plan. Airtel has the My Airtel app. So if you use those apps to manage your balance or buy an internet package, it is straightforward to check balance through those apps. In Grameen and Airtel app, the phone number will be available on the opening screen. See the screenshot below.

Airtel Number Check By App
GP balance Check by App

Another operator has a similar interface. This method is only applicable for android or ios devices.


So these are the method to check your GP Robi Airtel Banglalink Teletalk Number. Choose the way that is suitable for you. The method we recommend is the USSD dial method. And secondly, the miss call method. Both are easy and won’t charge you anything.

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