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BDIX server is a server that makes for speed. If you use the bdix server or your isp connected with the bdix server, you can benefit from the BDIX server. It’s associated with various ISP broadband connections in the whole bd. In this article, I will make it clear about the bdix concept.

Internet, without which it is not possible to spend a day at present. And now it is used so much that everyone has unlimited use. They will give you various internet packages when you want to take broadband services from a local ISP.

For example, 5Mbps at 500 takas, 50 Mbps Bdix / or 10Mbps at 1000 taka, 100 Mbps Bdix. But what is this BDIX again? Why is it given so much speed? How is it made? I am going to answer all those questions and make clear all your doubts.

What is BDIX?

First of all, the question is, what is BDIX? BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Exchange. Which is made up of many ISPs or Internet Service Providers. Its primary function is to share data among all ISP users. All ISPs are a means of sharing high-speed data between ISPs and BDIX members.

Data sharing here means file to download, video streaming, file sharing etc. Simply put, BDIX is a server that many ISP companies in Bangladesh have created. You can say, BDIX is a locker server of Vior in Bangladesh. With this, almost all ISPs are connected through Broad Band Connection.

BDIX Connectivity

What does BDIX do?

To find out what this BDIX does, you first need to know how other servers work. Let’s say it’s Youtube’s server. Now when you want to play a video on Youtube, you have to click on that video.

When you click on that video, your request goes to the server of Youtube in America, which is much more than 13,000 kilometres from Bangladesh.

And that request, which doesn’t go directly to the server of Youtube. First, your request will go to your wifi router from the Fiber cable to your Local ISP. Then your ISP sent the signal where the original connection came from. Let’s say to BTCL server will send that request with the help of fibre cable to the Youtube server in America.

Global Server And BDIX

Then Youtube’s server will accept that request, then that signal will come again from Youtube’s server to your device. Then your Youtube video will play.

So you understand, to access something on the Internet, you have to go through many steps, which happens in just a few nanoseconds. And so we do not understand how fast all process goes to action.

Now imagine if that server was in or around Bangladesh. Then it may be possible to access it more quickly. You could say it would have been faster. Just like the file download, share, video, streaming and more would be fast. That’s what bdix do. Make all requests quicker and give a tremendous speed on file sharing and downloading.

Reasons for creating BDix

The primary function of BDIX is to facilitate faster file access for Internet users in Bangladesh. Here Internet users are referred to as Under Users of Local ISP. But your ISP must be a member of BDIX.

Then you can quickly access files from BDIX’s servers. Bangladesh users now can easily access files faster if the ISP provider is connected with BDIX. BDIX was formed in 2004. Which currently has more than 120 ISP members.

How does BDIX work?

BDIX has its FTP server where different files are stored. And ISPs that are members of BDIX. They are directly connected to BDIX’s servers.

BDIX has many servers/websites. So there are as many users under ISPs. They can access BDIX’s servers and access files much faster. From where you can download files very fast.

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