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30 Most Viewed Instagram Reels In 2023

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Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Instagram Reels! In this article, we’ll take a fascinating journey through the most viewed Instagram Reels, unveiling the secrets behind their success.

Discover what makes an Instagram reel truly remarkable and learn how you can create your very own viral sensation. Join us as we explore some of the hottest reels on the platform and unravel the common threads that make them so incredibly popular. It’s time to unlock the secrets of Instagram reel stardom!


Brief overview of Instagram Reels and their popularity

Instagram is a treasure trove of captivating content, and its videos are the true gems of entertainment. Don’t you agree? Whether you’re engrossed in someone’s Story or captivated by a mesmerizing reel, Instagram never fails to deliver. The platform offers a plethora of free content, showcasing popular video games, shows, and even sneak peeks into the world of movies.

But let’s talk about the real magic here – the features that make Instagram videos truly stand out. With filters, seamless transitions, and trending songs at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. It’s a playground of creativity waiting to be explored.

However, have you ever wondered how to uncover the videos that have garnered the most views? Well, here’s the catch. Instagram keeps this information under wraps, considering it a personal statistic that’s not readily available to users. You won’t find a feature that reveals which of your favorite accounts boast the highest view counts on their posted videos. It’s a confidential metric, accessible only if the account holder grants you permission to view it

You won’t believe who’s ruling the Instagram kingdom with millions of followers! We all know that superstars like Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Bill Gates have an army of fans on the platform. And yes, one of them does hold the title for the most viewed official Instagram account. It’s not exactly surprising, right?

But brace yourself for an unexpected twist. The most viewed Instagram video isn’t the work of a renowned celebrity at all. In fact, it’s the creation of a silent comedian named Khalid Lame. This reel has not only taken the crown for the most views but has also garnered an incredible amount of likes. Now, you must be wondering: What is this reel all about? What makes it so insanely popular? And what other reels have also claimed a spot among the most-viewed on Instagram? Your curiosity is on fire, and luckily, we’ve got all the answers you’re seeking.

30 Most Viewed Instagram Reels In 2023

30 Most Viewed Instagram Reels
30 Most Viewed Instagram Reels

Let’s take a quick dive into the captivating world of the 30 most viewed Instagram Reels in 2023. Keep in mind that the data shared here is subject to change as trends evolve and new Reels gain popularity.

Rest assured, we’re committed to keeping you in the loop by regularly updating this article with the latest and greatest reels that take the Instagram community by storm. So, without further ado, let’s explore the mesmerizing content that’s been making waves and captivating millions of viewers. Stay tuned for an ever-evolving reel extravaganza!

NoMost Viewed Instagram Reels 2023ViewsLikes
1Learn from Khaby290 Million12.2 Million
2Not All Kids Are Funny By Khaby Lame265 Million20.2 Million
3Blink & Express By Shivanjali Porje260 Million12 Million
4Happiness By Cochinaquatic145 Million9.4 Million
5Do Things In The Right Way By Khaby Lame140 Million10.6 Million
6Sista! It Was Mine131 Million9.6 Million
7Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch by Aubrey Fishe128 Million7.4 Million
8Lol! Open The Door This Way118 Million10.2 Million
9GTA With Dog by krishhhhnna113 Million6.8 Million
10Only Works With Toothpaste113 Million3.2 Million
11Batman Maintenance Team112 Million7 Million
12Runaway Aurora With Dog101 Million9.1 Million
13From Idol To Uncle It’s A Moment100 Million7.9 Million
14Ice In The Glass97.7 Million10 Million
15My Baby ❤️ by happylittleyana83.8 Million6 Million
16Slow Ramp Walk82.1 Million5.4 Million
173 Years Of Stormi by kyliejenner80.1 Million11.6 Million
18Never Miss A Monday68.3 Million6.9 Million
19Mummy Aa Gayi Ka!54.8 Million4.1 Million
20Therefore I Am54 Million5.7 Million
21My Kind Of Afternoon52.1 Million4.7 Million
22Too Late, Bud! By mamajotes50.2 Million2.6 Million
23Bole Chudiyan by OyeAnki48.3 Million2.6 Million
24Sneeze And Shock!41.2 Million2.6 Million
25Pepsi – Uniting Soccer and Basketball37.8 Million3.6 Million
26Feet At The Back by sanakhan00025.3 Million0.7 Million
27Try to Catch Me by arendelleross21 Million0.6 Million
28Life is a Complicated Mess by june202219.8 Million0.5 Million
29These are Pricey! by Emma Chamberlain18 Million0.5 Million
30Don’t talk to me! by lovelinjr17 Million0.3 Million

1. Learn From Khaby 290 Million Views

Views: 290 Million | Likes: 12.2 Million | Comment: 88.3k

What’s that? Were you shocked for life by electricity? Well, that’s not uncommon – you are incredibly relatable.

It’s time to end your fear of electricity because actor Khaby Lame dropped this hilarious silent video with an iron. Like you, he was terrified, but if you relax and breathe the right way, these reactions can lead to pretty funny outcomes. The post is just 19 seconds long, but its 290 million views on Instagram make it one of the most viewed Instagram Reels in recent times.

Watch the clips below.

2. Not All Kids Are Funny By Khaby Lame | 265 Million Views

Views: 265 Million | Likes: 20.2 Million | Comment: 200k

This is a different kind of ‘hello neighbor’ video. Our Story opens with Khaby standing in a traffic jam, staring through the window at the motorcycle ahead of him – specifically at its drivers! Suddenly, he sees something that catches his attention and causes him to smile from ear to ear. He raises a hand to wave at whoever caused this reaction, but just then, you’ve got to click the link below to watch what happens next!

This is the second most viewed Instagram Reels of khaby lame.

3. Blink & Express By Shivanjali Porje | 260 Million Views

Views: 260 Million | Likes: 12 Million | Comment: 53k

Shivanjali currently holds the 3rd position for most viewed Instagram Reels. It was recently discovered that a 10-year-old child actor from India named Shivanjali Porje is one of the most significant power Instagram stars to watch.

With more than 260 million views and 12.2 million likes on only one Instagram reel, she’s known. This little girl impresses many people with her natural acting abilities and super-expressive face!

One thing’s for sure- her reel got A LOT of people’s attention! Since she’s so well-liked by all of these viewers due to her style, we’re already thinking about what this little kid will be doing next on the internet stage!

4. Happiness By Cochinaquatic | 145 Million Views

Views: 145 Million | Likes: 9.4 Million | Comment: 22.6k

Have you ever seen a rainbow? Some people claim they’ve seen a double rainbow or even a triple rainbow! But we’ve never seen anything TWICE as beautiful as this video of swarms of orange fish swimming in the glistening pool water!

Though there are some fantastic clips on this page, our personal favorite is “Fish Feeding.” Just look at the hypnotic faces of the happy animals enjoying their meal. Now, what’s not to LOVE about these beautiful little creatures?

5. Do Things In The Right Way By Khaby Lame | 140 Million Views

Views: 140 Million | Likes: 10.6 Million | Comment: 54k

Next on the list of the most viewed channels on Youtube 2023 is Khaby Lame. If you think Charlie Chaplin is the king of silent comedy, you must watch Khaby lame once.

The silent man has more followers than Mark Zuckerberg! Yeah, That’s true! He roasts the famous YouTubers and Instagram influencers without saying a word. Be it Ethan Bradberry or any other video. He knows how to kill stupid ideas by showing things the right way.

Indeed, you might have gotten his reels as suggestions from your friends or the app itself. One of his reels got 140 million views and 10.8 million likes. And it’s the 5th most viewed Instagram Reels as of now. The video showed how to float on water in a swimming pool using air floats easily. Ahhhh! After looking at his reels, you can roll around laughing all day!

6. Sista! It Was Mine | 131 Million Views

Views: 131 Million | Likes: 9.7 Million | Comment: 51.3k

This video is truly relatable to those of us who love chocolate. When Khaby found that half of his chocolates were missing, he was shocked as his reactions were so beautifully intense. This video has got 131 million views and 9.8 million likes!

Another one from khaby lame took place top 10 most viewed Instagram Reels in 2023.

7. Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch by Aubrey Fisher | 128 Million Views

Views: 128 Million | Like: 7.4 Million | Comment: 11.8k

Do you wonder 7th most viewed Instagram Reels? Many people use the glitch trend on Instagram, but have you seen a Video Reel Reel by Aubrey Fisher? He used the hashtag #glitchchallenge to give the video some extra cuteness.

His friends @bdash_2 and @gordonwatkins got involved, making it a trio! They not only look good in the video, but they’ve also done well in jump-starting their social media presence. This is an actively shared post on Facebook with over 29k likes!

You probably can’t be as severe or cute as Aubrey, but if your posts are new and fresh – they’ll help you get noticed online. I think this proves Aubrey’s point – if he didn’t take advantage of all his followers posting glitches on his three accounts ( 1 2 3 ), he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much attention for his own very unique #glitch reels that were just so perfectly executed and funny too.

8. Lol! Open The Door This Way | 118 Million Views

Views: 118 Million | Likes: 10.2 Million | Comment: 86.9k

Khaby Lame is back on our list, bagging another one of the Top 10 most viewed Instagram Reels worldwide for 2023.

In just six months, it’s managed to gather an astonishing number of views (117M), likes (10.2M), and comments (86.9k). People are dying to know how they can kick the habit of just opening doors with their hands!

9. GTA With Dog by krishhhhnna | 113 Million Views

Views: 113 Million | Likes: 6.8 Million | Comment: 20.6k

Have you heard of Grand theft auto vice city? I bet you have. Your feed must have got the crazy transition video with people grabbing some tools, dressed up in a funk, and posing in different kinds of talented or funny videos.

The next most-viewed Instagram reel is all about the same by Krish Gawali. He is a famous Instagram influencer with more than 2.5 million followers. He and his Dog made the GTA game poster copy, and both looked cute. Can you imagine why this video took place on the top 10 most viewed Instagram Reels? I hope you know the answer as well.

10. Only Works With Toothpaste | 113 Million Views

Views: 113 Million | Likes: 3.2 Million | Comments: 22.6k

Now, who is on the number 10 list of most viewed Instagram Reels? It’s a pro gamer. And no one could imagine a simple gaming trick could take place in the top 10. I mean, come on, what’s so special in this reel?

So, this reel is going to be a real tip-top one. It will show you how to make the most precise crosshair while playing FPS Shooting Games. This can be done quickly by using toothpaste as your material.

All you need to do is place toothpaste on your desktop screen. Watch this funny but educative reel to learn how.

Did you apply the trick? Is this work for you? Let me know in the comment section at the end of this article.

11. Batman Maintenance Team | 112 Million Views

Views: 112 Million | Likes: 7 Million | Comments: 13.7k

This particular video has won 7.1 million hearts among the 112 million views. The Batman Cleanup Workers have been seen in many videos dancing at different corners of the world.

These guys are doing it again. They have turned into Batman Cleanup Workers and dance at different corners of the world just like before.

Guys, keep the trend alive! To all my fellow bros who are crazy for this fantastic movie, Please do not let this moment ever end.

12. Runaway Aurora With Dog | 101 Million views

Views: 101 Million | Likes: 9.1 Million | Comments: 38.6k

The most viewed Instagram Reels video is the Runaway trend, but with a dog! Aurora effect was one of the most popular trends in 2023, with everyone grooving and posing on the Runaway Aurora beats.

Oh! This was so aesthetic! This effect got a lot of views when my_aussie_gal did use this effect along with her pup. And the Dog, the man’s best friend, did a fantastic job. Trust us, it was so soothing and a treat to your eyes which is why it is the most viewed Instagram video with 101 million views and 9 million likes. We’re sure you will appreciate this!

13. From Idol To Uncle It’s A Moment | 100 Million Views

Views: 100 Million | Likes: 7.9 Million | Comments: 47.2k

Some people are musclebound. You know, like Hulk Hogan. But what if a man is poked fun at because of his strength? An overly muscular guy with a barrel chest might try to show off by splitting an apple in half without using a knife, but Khaby Lamé has him beat—he chooses to use a knife for the job!

14. Ice In The Glass | 97.7 Million Views

Views: 97.7 Million | Likes: 10 Million | Comments: 100k

The most-watched Instagram post in the sports category belongs to footballer Lionel Messi. With more than 96.7 million views, the video is a viral sensation that’s not just garnering Messi fans — it’s also attracting non-sports enthusiasts by introducing them to water sports.

When a famous footballer is named Lionel Messi, everybody naturally assumes that he must be good at scoring goals. It is no surprise that in one of his shoots, he perfectly showed some pinpoint accuracy by firing the ball into the net. The best part about it? He did this from nearly 40 yards away!

15. My Baby ❤️ by happylittleyana | 83.8 Million Views

Views: 83.8 Million | Likes: 6 Million | Comments: 13.8k

Meet Little Yana with the gorgeous eyes you’ve ever seen. (happylittleyana on Instagram) It’s reportedly not just her mom and dad who think she has beautiful eyes—the adorable tot is quickly becoming a sensation thanks to the world-acclaimed Talking To The Moon trend on social media”.

Love is in the air, and it’s beautiful. You can’t look away from our adorable little cutie – Little Yana Grigorian! With her warm brown eyes and sweet smile, she will appeal to you on an entirely new level. She’s a happy girl through and through, and we can’t help but love this video of her making some silly faces for us all over again day after day because that’s what happiness truly means.

16. Slow Ramp Walk | 82.1 Million Views

Views: 82.1 Million | Likes: 5.4 Million | Comments: 32.2k

No! Ramp walk is not just a random event where people who wore their best clothes walk down the runway in front of the crowd. And it also took place for the most viewed Instagram Reels.

It has become more than that because homes are turning into fashion runways. And Wisdom Kaye is living proof of all of that and much more! His solo video on YouTube revealing his dance steps gained him a lot of popularity and gave many goals to many men worldwide.

Plus, it is not an ordinary dance but crafted with some awesomely smooth transitions, making him look professional. I am thoroughly impressed at how he constantly changes his outfit without missing a beat! In addition, his black leather jacket gives this video an undeniably hot vibe.

17. 3 Years Of Stormi by kyliejenner | 80.1 Million Views

Views: 80.1 Million | Likes: 11.6 Million | Comments: 32.2k

This video has nothing to do with Kylie Jenner, however. It is a compilation of babies growing over three years and some of the most special moments captured from them. The video gained many views and likes, with 80 million hitting the thumbs-up button on this content!


18. Never Miss A Monday | 68.3 Million Views

Views: 68.3 Million | Likes: 6.9 Million | Comments: 32.2k

Never miss a Monday reel by kyliejenner. This reel is about her workout. Many people watched this reel, and everyone appreciated this one. Some people also love how she did her exercise.

This reel started with her morning coffee. Then she climbs high. She was doing exercise in gyms.

Also, she has a lovely well-shaped body she showed at the end of this reel. Don’t miss this one. See from below.


19. Mummy Aa Gayi Ka! | 54.9 Million Views

Views: 54.8 Million | Likes: 4.1 Million | Comments: 27.3k

It is another video from Shivanjali. It’s like she favors trends. A similar trend has made every Indonesian Instagrammer create a video on it. Two videos took place for the most viewed Instagram Reels in this article.

But she is the expression expert and took this trend to another level on public demand, just like her video ranking at the top of the most viewed videos on Instagram likes.

Oh! Expression expert even though so young! How? She bangs on! Her expressions on this particular reel are so unique that they gained 54.8 million views and 4.1 million by far.

20. Therefore I Am | 54 Million Views

Views: 54 Million | Likes: 5.7 Million | Comments: 65.2k

While many celebrities are content to sit back, relax, and raid their bank accounts or just (stupidly) keep going on television shows, Billie Eilish is one of the few people who can shape culture.

Whether dyeing her hair, releasing a video, or announcing an album, her work is viral. One reason why so many people love this pop star may be because they feel like she’s someone they could get to know.

Any plastic persona doesn’t surround her—instead, she’s always just Billie. With the release of her new album “Therefore I am” just around the corner, everyone is waiting with bated breath for what Billie has in store for us as always – another batch of great music . 🙂

21. My Kind Of Afternoon | 52.1 Million Views

Views: 52.1 Million | Likes: 4.7 Million | Comments: 65.2k

My kind of afternoon is another video from kyliejenner. This video lets her fan know how she spends her afternoon. She started with her nail. Then she does exercise again. Watch the reel from below.


22. Too Late, Bud! By mamajotes | 50.2 Million Views

Views: 50.2 Million | Likes: 2.6 Million | Comments: 5.7k

Ever wondered what would happen if a person did not listen to the advice their parent gave before marrying someone? This might seem weird, but it’s true. It all depends on how one handles this situation.

Mamajotes, an Instagram handle owned by Jyoti Chand, is no different. The video currently has 50.2 Million views with 2.7 Million likes as of the date published. People can relate to her easily, and her husband also seems pretty optimistic about it, as such things are expected in married life!

23. Bole Chudiyan by OyeAnkit | 48.3 Million Views

Views: 48.3 Million | Likes: 2.6 Million | Comments: 17.9k

Yet another one! Yes, again, a Bollywood song has made an appearance on the most viewed Instagram Reels list. This time it’s none other than OyeOyeBollywood – your favorite online destination for the best of Bollywood everywhere.

Their motto is ‘Music mat kaalaa saath chaahe and maara re’. Well said, right? And you know what, they’re right by constantly bringing you the best of Bollywood anywhere and everywhere.  

This particular reel featuring Ankit Tiwari and Naezy has been one of their most viewed, with almost 48 million video views and over 2 million video likes.

24. Sneeze And Shock! | 41.2 Million Views

Views: 41.2 Million | Likes: 2.6 Million | Comments: 17.9k

25. Pepsi – Uniting Soccer and Basketball | 37.8 Million Views

Views: 37.8 Million | Likes: 3.6 Million | Comments: 17.3k

Football star Lionel Messi just posted another video on Instagram, and we can confirm it is already breaking records for most viewed Instagram Reels.

It has already garnered a large number of likes – 3.6 million! One great thing about the football player’s videos is that they are not pre-posted and have managed to gather a lot of views, which has made him one of the most famous athletes on Instagram – even more popular than Cristiano Ronaldo.

His most recent video features an exciting collaboration as he teamed up with basketball star Kobe Bryant. This paid partnership with Gatorade was meant to promote the “Gatorade Global Challenge.” Messi has reached another milestone thanks to this particular video, now collaborating with Nike for what will, without doubt, be another huge success!

26. Feet At The Back by sanakhan000 | 25.3 Million Views

Views: 25.3 Million | Likes: 0.6 Million | Comments: 5.3k

Instagram videos are the best place to experiment with! And that’s exactly what the video reel from Sana Khan did. We’ve only heard of witches having feet towards the back, but now this video has shown us something else: Sana is no witch! Of course not.

Her reel was impressive and got 25.3 million views and more than 637k likes. Be sure to check out Sanakhan00’s YouTube channel.

27. Try to Catch Me by arendelleross | 21 Million Views

Views: 21 Million | Likes: 0.6 Million | Comments: 5.3k

28. Life is a Complicated Mess by june2022 | 19.8 Million Views

Views: 19.8 Million | Likes: 0.6 Million | Comments: 5.3k

29. These are Pricey! by Emma Chamberlain | 18 Million Views

Views: 18 Million | Likes: 0.6 Million | Comments: 5.3k

30. Don’t talk to me! by lovelinjr | 17 Million Views

Views: 17 Million | Likes: 0.6 Million | Comments: 5.3k

Frequently Asked Question

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature that lets you combine multiple photos and videos into one video. You can post your reels on your Story or save them to your phone to share later. They can be 15 sec long. You can add filters and special effects to reels, including Boomerang and Rewind.

How Do I use Instagram Reels?

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have a more unique and personalized video in no time. Use the Reels option at the bottom of your Instagram camera to access an editing suite that contains effects, transitions, music, and sound filters such as time-stretching. With up to ten seconds of previewing a video before recording, you can plan everything carefully beforehand. Then simply press record, and voilà! You’re recording hands-free. No worries if a video isn’t working out the way you envisioned it! Simply revert to your last clip by selecting “rewind” or find another spot with just a couple of clicks using “jumping forward.”

What are the most viewed Instagram reels?

Learn from Khaby is the most viewed Instagram reel. It has around 290 million views so far and counting.

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